Surfline reports that MTV and the Roxy division of Quick.silver, the California-based sportswear firm, are teaming up to produce a new female surfer reality TV program. The as-yet-untitled project will feature young up-and-coming female surfers and will follow them around the world in search of the perfect wave.

Danielle Beck at Roxy told Surfline that the idea is to get eight or nine talented female surfers, send them to Australia where Quiksilver's top trainers will put them through the paces, and then take them on the road to places like Fiji, Costa Rica and Tahiti for surf sessions and professional contests. In "Real World" fashion, the real juice from the show won't come from the action in the water, but from the interactions and conflict amongst the cast. "We wanted to do the show with girls because they talk a lot more than guys," said Beck. "And when you put them together for an extended time, all the skeletons come out."

Auditions for the new show are being held in California, the East Coast and Hawaii and all female surfers from 18-24 are welcome to attend.