Splash lost two contestants during Tuesday night's broadcast of the new reality diving competition's fifth episode on ABC.

Model and reigning Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb quit the show due to an unspecified injury, while comedian Louie Anderson -- who was previously eliminated from Splash but allowed to re-enter the competition due to Katherine's departure -- withdrew himself from the running so his diving face-off competitor Brandi Chastain could continue competing.

Tuesday night's broadcast began with Katherine excusing herself from the competition.

"Well last week's competition, I landed pretty hard as you saw. And I've had the worst time in training this week because even the most simplest dives shot pain all the way down from the middle of my back to my leg. And I went to the doctor, and unfortunately, I'm out for the competition. At the same time, I just want to say thank you to everyone and I've had such an amazing time!" Katherine explained.

Splash host Joey Lawrence then announced Louie would be rejoining the competition in Katherine's place.

"As we've seen before, diving is a dangerous sport. We've actually already had to bring in one backup this season that was Brandi. And in the Splash rules, it states that in the event a diver can't continue, the last diver eliminated is allowed back into the competition. That means, ladies and gentlemen, he's back!" Joey revealed.

However, Louie eventually refused to participate in the dive-off against Brandi, a professional soccer player, and therefore decided to remove himself from the competition.

"I really went further than I ever thought I could, and I know I have very little chance of winning this competition. I am going home and I am going to defer to Brandi, because she has a chance to win this competition!" Louie announced. "You deserve it!"

Brandi thanked him and called the gesture "very sweet."

The two contestants were supposed to compete in the dive-off against one another after they had received the lowest average combined scores from the audience's vote and Splash's judges David Boudia, a London Olympic U.S. Gold medalist, and Steve Foley, an Australian Olympic athlete and USA Dive Team director.

The contestants were required to dive from the 10-meter platform, which is 33 feet. Louie received an average score of 7.25 for his dive.

"That is amazing. That's the bravest thing I ever did!" an emotional Louie said after his big comeback dive.

Brandi's average score was an extremely low 4.75 because she had completely over-rotated her entrance into the pool.
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The four other celebrity participants dived and survived during Tuesday night's episode after undergoing weeks of training with medalled diving legend Greg Louganis.

Rory Bushfield, an extreme skier, received an average score of 8.75 from the judges. Actress Nicole Eggert earned an 8.5, Nickelodeon star Drake Bell received a score of 7.75 and retired NBA basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar earned a 7.25.

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