Ray Seitz, a 29-year-old artist from San Diego, CA,was revealed to be the sixth contestant to be eliminated from True Beauty during Tuesday's broadcast of the ABC beauty competition.

Seitz was eliminated over Laura Leigh, a 21-year-old model from Staten Island, NY. After the announcement of his ouster, Ray learned that it was the lack of his "inner beauty" -- and more specifically his sometimes off-color jokes -- that led to his elimination.

"I'll definitely take away from this experience that I should relax a little more about some of my joking style because I didn't realize you could cut people so deep," Ray said. "This is the best I got and it's what I came with, so you do what you gotta do."

True Beauty's sixth episode began with Joel Rush, a 26-year-old imaging software salesman from Tampa, FL returning from competition's "Hall of Beauty" elimination gallery after being allowed to remain in the competition while Chelsea Bush was sent home instead. While Joel expected the contestants back at the house to be happy to see him return, he was somewhat mistaken as Ray felt that his elimination would greatly improve his chances at winning the competition.

"Definitely if Joel got eliminated it would make my job a lot easier," he said, before adding that he was going to drop his freewheeling persona and be more aggressive in the show's future rounds.

The following day, the contestants discovered pairs of running shoes for each of them downstairs in their house and learned that they would be taking place in a physical fitness challenge. However, unbeknownst to the contestants, True Beauty host and judge Vanessa Minnillo revealed that they would be judged on their sportsmanship and courtesy to others instead of their physical accomplishments.

As the contestants prepared to leave, Ray reiterated his desire to knock off Joel to take control of the competition.

"I really, really want to win this one," Ray said. "Joel, he's my main competition right now. I get him out of the way and I got a free ride to the winner's circle."

On the other end of the spectrum, Laura expressed worry about the physical challenge she was about to partake in, saying she rarely visited the gym.

"I hate wearing sneakers," she said. "If we have to wear sneakers to a challenge, it's bad news."

Upon arriving at the field and meeting with Vanessa, the contestants learned that they would be taking part in the "Beautiful People, Physically Fit" challenge and would be tested in six different physical tests that would be overseen by teenage moderators and a physical fitness instructor.

Laura was not pleased to be in the presence of the teenage instructors, whom she said made her feel "awkward."
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"Here I am trying to be America's most beautiful person, and you see them standing there looking sad and like the kids that get picked last for kick ball," she said.

After leaving the contestants, Vanessa revealed that the teenagers would be monitoring the contestants throughout the challenge and ultimately would judge them.

Throughout the challenges, Joel and Billy Jeffrey, a 31-year-old vitamin store owner from Lewiston, ID, both made attempts to talk to the teenagers. However, while the teenagers appreciated Joel's comfortable demeanor -- which he later attributed to his having a 17-year-old sister -- during his conversations, Billy's repeated conversations about protein shakes and nutrition turned the teenagers off.

While Joel and Ray both excelled in the physical tests, Laura drew the ire of the teenagers and instructor for not trying hard in her challenges and performing very poorly.

Following the completion of the fitness challenge, the contestants took a break for lunch before receiving the results, giving the judges a chance to have their first secret challenge. As each contestant sat down for lunch, one group of teenagers sat at one table and acted as the "cool kids" while one other teenager sat at a table and acted as the "loner kid."

Each contestant would be told to sit at a table near the teenagers and be judged on whether or not they interacted with the "loner kid."

While Julia Anderson, a 23-year-old magician's assistant from Dallas, TX, made an attempt to talk to the lone teenager and passed the challenge. However all of the other contestants failed, with Laura skipping out on the teenagers entirely, Joel only talking to the "cool kids," and Ray talking to the "cool kids" before making fun of the "loner" after he left by joking that he would "grow up and be a sniper."

After lunch, the contestants met with Vanessa, who revealed that their fitness results would not be factored into the challenge at all. Instead, she said the teenagers would decide who they felt was the "most beautiful."

"Thank God. I got this in the bag," Laura said after the revelation. "I look the best."

After meeting and deeming Billy a "meathead," Laura a "bitch," Julia a "cool" girl with "nice energy, Ray as someone who's "trying too hard to be cool," and Joel as "nice," "hot," and "laid back," the teenagers decided that Joel had won the challenge and Laura and Ray had done the worst -- which put them up for elimination in the Hall of Beauty the following day.

"Honestly, I thought that I would be safe," Laura said. "Since there were four boys and three girls I thought that the boys would help me pull through, but they didn't. They liked Julia."

"What the f--k is going on? this sucks," Ray said after being put up for elimination. "I thought I did really well in this challenge."

The following day, after Laura had packed and was awaiting her date in the Hall of Beauty, Billy capped off the ongoing flirting between he and Laura by asking her out on a date.

"I'll think about it," Laura responded, shocking Billy somewhat.

Meanwhile, Ray relaxed before the Hall of Beauty, confident that he was a stronger competitor than Laura.

Following yet another meaningless Last Straw Challenge in which an actor posing as a homeless man spilt a shopping cart full of cans in front of both Laura and Ray to see if they would help and clean up the mess (they both did) both contestants met Vanessa and fellow judges Cheryl Tiegs and Nole Marin in the Hall of Beauty.

Prior to making their decision, the judges gave each contestant a chance to say why they should remain in the competition.

"I'm not ready to go home tonight," Laura said. "I don't think that this is my time. I am not only beautiful but I am smart, I'm funny, I'm real, and that's all I can ask for."

"One nugget of wisdom that [you] bestowed upon me in the last competition was the excellence of execution, and that really rang true with me and kinda hit home big time with me," Ray added. "I have to execute, I don't want there to be a situation where the judges were like 'You know what Ray, we really feel like you only came in with 85%.' I wanted to show you guys that I was coming with 100 percent."

However, Ray's best was apparently not good enough, as the judges proceeded to announce that he had been eliminated from the competition.

"We all warmed up to you, and then you disappointed us," Vanessa told him after revealing the "inner beauty" aspect to the show and viewing the clip of him making fun of the "loner" teenager.

The next episode of True Beauty will air on Monday, February 16 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.