Regina Villano, a 22-year-old teen pageant queen from Tabernacle, NJ, was disqualified from True Beauty's second season during last night's episode after she violated the ABC reality competition's rules by using a cell phone.

"I'm really upset with myself because I did this to myself," opined Regina after her disqualification.

"I just happened to get really home sick and I gave into a stupid temptation. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. That moment of weakness definitely does not define or represent who I am."

True Beauty's third second-season episode began following the previous elimination of Michael Allen, who was ousted instead of Regina.

"It feels so amazing to survive elimination," she said.

"I never want to have to go through that ever again. That was the most anxiety I've ever felt in my life. I'm just so excited that they heard me out, they gave me a second chance, and I'm never going to let myself get in the bottom two ever again."

Regina arrived back at the Planet Hollywood suite and was greeted by the seven other remaining contestants -- who celebrated her return with drinks. Liz Parada, a 31-year-old model from Hollywood, FL, was allegedly drinking straight shots of vodka.

"I think Liz is a raging bitch when she's drunk," commented Amy Schmoldt, a 22-year-old bartender from New Brunswick, NJ. "When she's sober she's just a bitch."

Erika Othen, a 25-year-old singer/cocktail waitress from Long Island, NY, pleaded with Liz to stop drinking, but she didn't listen.

The next morning, the contestants were awoken early by Craig Francyzk, a 29-year-old retail manager from Winnipeg, Canada, running on the treadmill.

True Beauty judges Carson Kressley, Beth Ostrosky Stern and Vanessa Minnillo met in the control room, and Vanessa revealed that this week the contestants would be making a video where they'd be interviewing people on the streets of Vegas. The video would then be shown to a focus group, which would judge the contestants on their performance.

Carson then met the contestants and revealed the challenge to them, giving them 15 minutes to interview tourists before showing it to the focus group -- which would score them based on hosting ability, presentation and appearance. The contestant with the highest score would win the challenge, while the two with the lowest score would go to the Face Off.
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In addition, Carson told the contestants not to look at their questions until they met their camera crews on the street. The inner-beauty part of the challenge would provide the contestants an opportunity to cheat by looking at the questions while in the elevator.

Craig, David Palmer, a 24-year-old DJ/astrologer from Huntington Beach, CA, and Taylor Bills, a 24-year-old former professional athlete from Irvine, CA, all passed the challenge; while Michelle Mozek, a 21-year-old dancer from Dallas, TX, Amy, Regina, Erika and Liz all failed.

The actual challenge then commenced, and while a majority of questions the contestants had to ask were easy, two of them contained "ostensibly" and "cacophony."

With the challenge in the books, the focus group watched the contestants' videos -- with the actual contestants watching the focus group through a one-way mirror. The inner-beauty part of the challenge would have looking to see if the contestants handle the focus group's opinions gracefully or poorly.

The focus group thought Taylor was stiff, unnatural and boring. Beth also thought Taylor reacted to the criticism "angrily," and he failed the inner-beauty challenge. Erika reminded the focus group of a "bad weathergirl" and was accused of being hyper, however she gracefully accepted the news and passed.

David's problem with the difficult words received mixed reviews from the focus group, and his look was dubbed "Vanilla Ice with a spray tan" by one member. But he didn't react poorly and passed the challenge. Michelle's problems with the words were also a mixed bag but was labeled a "bimbo" by one woman. She still reacted well and passed the inner-beauty challenge.

Craig was applauded by most of the focus group because he was able to correctly pronounce the difficult words and showed personality. He also passed the inner-beauty challenge.

Regina received negative reviews, with one focus group member commenting "just put her back on her pole."

"I sat there and just stared at that lady, like I was just shooting her devil looks through that mirror," said Regina. "She better watch out after this because I'm going to be outside waiting for her at her car."

Not surprisingly, Regina failed the inner-beauty part of the challenge.

"She took unkind criticism really poorly," said Carson.

Amy was applauded for being genuine and conversational, but was also called "the worst one yet" by one focus group member. However she handled it well and passed. Liz was criticized for showing very little personality and also struggled with the difficult words. She was called "horrible" by one focus group member, but took a majority of the criticism with grace and passed.

The contestants returned to Planet Hollywood and unwound by the pool with some drinks. A slightly-inebriated Liz arrived and tried to get Erika to dance on the pole after she had previously done it.

However Taylor failed to acknowledge Liz' previous pole dance, causing her to get angry at him. The two bickered about it.

"When somebody disrespects me, I'm going to blow up," said Liz.

David subsequently told her to "lighten up."

The contestants then met with Carson and Beth, who revealed that Craig won the challenge while Liz, David and Taylor had the lowest scores. Carson then revealed Taylor and Liz were in the bottom two and would go to the Face Off.

"I didn't think that was going to happen to me, but it happened," opined Liz. "It happens to the best of us."

"The guys are getting their asses kicked in this competition," said Taylor. "I'm scared about being in the bottom two but I'm not going home."

The other contestants told Taylor to get Liz out of the competition, and she was aware that nobody liked her. Craig sat with Liz, and she told him she was upset.

"Craig is the only one that came up to me after today," said Liz in a confessional. "The only reason why I think he does like me is because he finds me extremely attractive."

In the control room, the judges discussed whether to eliminate Liz or Taylor. Beth revealed Liz got a 15 out of 30 possible points, the lowest score any of the contestants received from the focus group. However Carson said he was surprised Taylor didn't take the criticism gracefully.

"But remember," he added, "Liz stole her outfit for the first challenge, she gave away the secret to the magic trick, and she cheated by opening her envelope early in the elevators."

Beth said Taylor was "very catty" about Liz, but Carson wouldn't budge and both agreed Liz had to go.

"Not so fast," said Vanessa. "Neither Taylor nor Liz is going home tonight. Unfortunately another contestant violated the rules of the competition."

Vanessa then stated that all of the contestants are aware of the rule that prohibits them from using cell phones, which included texting and emails.

"The contestant that's going to be going home tonight used a cell phone," said Vanessa.

Still, Carson and Beth heard Taylor and Liz' final pleas during the Face Off before delivering the good news that both would be remaining in the competition.

"You two are incredibly lucky, and Vegas is a city that's all about luck," said Carson.

"But quite frankly, you've cashed in all your chips. If you don't step it up for the next few challenges and we see you back here, you will definitely not be as lucky as you were tonight."

Taylor and Liz then left the Face Off room before Regina entered.

"You're here tonight because we have information that you violated our show's rules," said Beth. "We know you've been using a cell phone to access people outside of this competition."

"Those rules are in place to protect the fairness of this competition," added Carson. "Because you've broken those rules, we have no choice but to disqualify you."

"What's done was done, and believe me I hate myself right now for doing that," said Regina, who then learned she was actually competing on True Beauty.

"I made a big mistake. I'm going to be completely honest because, at this point, the truth will set you free. It was just a moment of weakness. I gave into the temptation. I knew I wasn't supposed to do it. But at that point, I couldn't take it back."

She begged for one last chance, however the judges still sent her packing.

True Beauty's next second-season episode will air on Monday, June 21 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.