Liz Parada, a 31-year-old model from Hollywood, FL, became the fifth contestant eliminated from True Beauty's second season during Monday night's broadcast of the ABC reality series.

"I don't think it was fair," said Michelle after her ouster. "I can guarantee that the show's going to have high ratings because Liz was in it. Now that I'm not, good luck."

True Beauty's fifth second-season episode began following the previous elimination of David Palmer instead of Craig Francyzk, a 29-year-old retail manager from Winnipeg, Canada.

"I wasn't surprised that the judges chose me," boasted Craig.

Craig then returned to the contestants' Planet Hollywood pad, which made Liz happy.

"My heart skipped a beat," she said.

However the four other contestants were confused that Craig seemed less-than-enthusiastic about his return, which he revealed was a strategy.

"My approach was not to barge in the door and say, 'Woo! I'm back! Here I am!'" he said in a confessional. "My approach was to come in very somber... I wanted to get that sympathy card. I wanted them to think, 'Maybe he does have a heart.'"

They celebrated Craig's return by going to a club, which they all enjoyed.

"It was like letting the animals out of their cages," said Amy Schmoldt, a 22-year-old bartender from New Brunswick, NJ.

In addition, Erika Othen, a 25-year-old singer/cocktail waitress from Long Island, NY, realized there was "a bit of a love connection" between Craig and Liz.

"He has this magic touch and magic words that make me feel perfect and calm and just gets me right there," said Liz.
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Craig and Liz continued to connect back in the hotel room. Ericka then told Taylor Bills, a 24-year-old former professional athlete from Irvine, CA, that Liz had previously revealed to her that she would stare at Craig to induce a "sexual dream" at night.

Liz was aware they were talking and laughing behind her back.

"If you say something, if you disrespect me, I'm going to blow up on you," said Liz. "In my head, I'm defending myself."

Liz then confronted Ericka, who played innocent and accused her of acting "fake." Liz then accused Ericka of being "fake."

"Sometimes my mouth does get me in trouble," admitted Ericka in a confessional.

The next morning, the contestants were amazed by the amount of clothes brought by Michelle Mozek, a 21-year-old dancer from Dallas, TX.

True Beauty judges Carson Kressley, Beth Ostrosky Stern and Vanessa Minnillo met in the control room, and Vanessa revealed that this week the contestants would be tested on their Las Vegas knowledge by acting as tour guides on a double-decker tour. They'd be judged by a real-life group of tourists.

In addition, the hidden beauty challenge would check to see how the contestants would act when they think no one is watching.

That night, Carson met the six remaining contestants and revealed the challenge to them -- adding that the tourists would judge them on their appearance, enthusiasm and overall general knowledge on Vegas. He also gave them a booklet containing information about the tour they'd be giving.

The contestant with the challenge's highest score from the tourists would win, while the two with the lowest score would go to the Face Off. The contestants immediately began studying the booklet to prepare for the tour.

"I'm very scared," opined Liz. "I'm terrified."

Michelle and Amy discussed Liz' ability to remember all the information.

The next morning the challenge commenced.

Liz was complimented by the judges for her look, however she really struggled with providing the tourists information -- as most of them knew more than she did.

"That was really bad," said Carson.

Michelle also struggled as she drew a blank after delivering her introduction. When she remembered some of the information, it was deemed boring.

"She's not outgoing, she's not articulate," said Carson. "She doesn't have that polish."

All of the other contestants also led their tours before the hidden challenge was held.

Vanessa explained to Carson and Beth that there were hidden cameras set up at the end of the tour. As the contestants said goodbye, they'd meet a "disgruntled tourist" with a negative comment card. In addition, they'd also meet the tour's manager -- who would try to convince them to change the negative comment card for a better score.

Craig, Ericka, Amy, Michelle and Taylor all passed -- meaning Liz was the only one who failed. Still, it didn't mean she'd be in the bottom two.

"Liz may breeze on by based on her looks," said Beth.

The contestants then met with Carson and Beth, who commented on each of the tours. They then revealed Taylor won the challenge, while Liz, Michelle and Amy received the lowest scores -- however Liz and Michelle were in the bottom two.

"The way I feel right now is almost emotionally destroyed," opined Liz. "I thought it was over."

Back at the hotel, Michelle thought it helped that Liz was a bit "out of it" after landing in the bottom two.

"I'm just sick of her making it through, always just being the pretty one, always getting the points for appearance," said Michelle. "She never gets points for being able to speak in public and talk to people. I just need she thinks to get out of this competition."

Liz sat by herself and packed with no comfort from any of the other contestants.

"I felt like I'm not even going to go to Face Off," she said. "I'm just going home. That's it."

Craig asked Liz what she was doing and she told him her plan. He asked why she was letting them get her down.

"I can't deal with it anymore -- mentally, physically, emotionally," she answered.

Craig gave Liz some confidence, and she decided to stay and fight at the Face Off. In addition, Liz said she received a "second wind" by the mocking from the other contestants.

"Maybe I am in the bottom two, but that doesn't matter. I'm here to win. I'm not going home today" she said. "When I come back from Face Off, they're really going to feel like I'm a threat."

In the control room, the judges discussed whether to eliminate Liz or Michelle.

Liz was immediately on the hot seat -- as she stole her entire costume during the first hidden beauty challenge, revealed the secret to the magic trick taught to her by Penn & Teller, peeked at the interview questions in the elevator, didn't help a lady find her engagement ring, and cheated on her scorecard following the tour.

Vanessa then pointed out that Michelle had yet to win a challenge and had failed to deliver on more than one occasion.

"Time after time after time she's  not brining it," said Beth.

In addition, Michelle also peaked at her questions in the elevator, didn't help the woman with her dog, and was talking a lot of smack about Liz.

"I wouldn't have a problem sending Michelle home either," said Carson.

Vanessa called Liz a beautiful girl, and Carson said she'd obviously be the winner if it was based on outer beauty.

There would be one more hidden beauty challenge to help determine who would be booted, as both Liz and Michelle would have an opportunity to engage in conversation with a disheveled man who mistakes them as a celebrity.

Michelle gave the man a hug when he asked if she was Kate Beckinsale, and Beth thought the move was "very gracious." Liz was not as gracious.

Carson and Beth then met with Michelle and Liz to hear their final pleas.

"I'm standing here alone because I have no one to support me, no one to believe in me -- but me, and hopefully you guys," said Liz.

Carson said while the judges appreciated Liz' drive and belief in herself, she would be leaving the competition.

Michelle then left the Face Off and Carson and Beth revealed to Liz that he was actually competing on True Beauty by showing her footage of all the hidden beauty challenges she previously failed.

Liz couldn't take it and walked out while the footage was being shown to her.

"I didn't want to go through that!" she yelled. "That's f--king bulls--t!"

"I guess we made the right decision," said Vanessa.

True Beauty's next second-season episode will air on Monday, July 5 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.