Paul Abrahamian may go down as one of the best Big Brother players of all time.

Paul is a 24-year-old clothing designer and band member from Tarzana, CA. His first run on Big Brother ended in second place and he won $50,000, but Paul is looking to do better than that this time around.

On Season 18, Paul was on the chopping block week after week, and his objective was to win competition after competition in order to survive. On Season 19, however, Paul has yet to be nominated for eviction, and his strategy and gameplay is mainly happening behind the scenes.

Paul has managed to stay under the radar despite being the only veteran player in the house. Not only that, every remaining houseguest considers him a best friend and loyal ally.

In the last episode, Paul actually convinced several players in jeopardy to throw the Head of Household competition. He's definitely a puppetmaster, but if he makes it to the end and the jury is bitter, he may have his work cut out for him.

Below is a list of 12 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Paul Abrahamian:

- Paul owns a clothing brand called Dead Skull Apparel, which includes clothes for both men and women. The line is now selling friendship bracelets!

- The houseguest is a spontaneous thrill-seeker, who loves paranormal and scary things. He also enjoys crowd surfing, mosh pits, traveling, hiking and sightseeing.

- Paul is of Armenian descent and has a wide range of tattoos, including ones that read, "LIVE FAST, NEVER DIE," and "ROCK N ROLL FOREVER."

- Paul, known for constantly yelling "Friendship," was the youngest person on Big Brother's 18th season, as he was only 23 at the time.

- Dogs are everything to him, and he hated leaving his babies behind to appear on Big Brother. He has no issue with kissing a random's person dog on the street.

- Paul is in a new band called Strangefaces and they just released their first music video in June for the song "California Poison."

- If he could describe himself in three words, he would choose honest, spontaneous and energetic. He also considers himself observant, sneaky and confident.

- Paul finished his education at Pepperdine University. As a teen, he said he wanted to go to law school, but after interning for Parliament, the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse, and a few attorneys, he began to realize he could never be trapped in a routine, office setting.

- The BB houseguest once cheated death by walking out of a car accident scratch-free when he had totaled the vehicle.

- Paul will be launching his own YouTube channel once he finishes competing on Big Brother 19.

- He loves cold brew coffee, beer, Cheetos, peanut butter cups and Reese's Puffs cereal, steak, hot sauce, Dr. Pepper soda and hummus.

- Paul's pets, which include cats and dogs, are named Presa, Blair, Olive, King and Button.