Kevin Schlehuber is confused about where he stands in the Big Brother game right now.

Kevin is a 55-year-old stay-at-home dad and the oldest player on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Kevin is the first person to admit he can't win Head of Household or Power of Veto challenges, but his social game has been pretty on-point, except for when he befriended Cody Nickson in the house when the former Marine was Public Enemy No. 1. Since then, Alex Ow and a couple of other houseguests have called Kevin "sketchy" and "shady."

Alex and her best friend, Jason Dent, are currently on the chopping block, but they believe the plan this week is to backdoor Kevin; however, the current HoH -- Christmas Abbott -- is secretly hoping to take out either Alex or Jason since they're an arguably-unstoppable power couple.

Will Kevin survive this week's double eviction or will his blind trust in the puppetmaster, Paul Abrahamian, backfire?

Below is a list of 12 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Kevin Schlehuber:

- The BB houseguest considers himself a sharp dresser and an easy-going guy with an awesome story to tell for every subject.

- Kevin has been married for 31 years and he has seven kids, including six daughters, but he has no grandchildren. His only son is his youngest child.

- The smooth talker is from originally from Mission Hill, a small neighborhood in Boston, and currently resides in a town called Bridgewater in Massachusetts.

- Kevin's favorite activities are hanging out with his family, watching movies, going to the beach, exercising, and playing pool or darts with his kids. 

- Kevin was crowned Mr. Massachusetts when he was younger, and he rocked the sash and everything. He also previously did some professional modeling.

- Big Brother viewers saw Kevin wrap his torso in saran wrap because he believes it keeps his abs tight while he sleeps. Well, that's no joke! He apparently does the same routine when he's home and claims it helps him stay in shape.

- Kevin enjoyed playing basketball in his neighborhood when he was a kid and he prides himself on his ability to slam dunk a basketball.

- The BB contestant's birthday is August 7, so that makes him a Leo. Hopefully the houseguests throw him a big party soon!

- According to live feeds, Kevin said his wife is a neonatal nurse and the reason he can stay at home with the kids is because she makes a salary of about $200,000 per year.

- Kevin describes himself as caring, humorous and charismatic.

- Kevin's father Andrew F. Schlehuber Jr., known as "The Cheese," was indicted as a drug dealer by a Suffolk, MA, grand jury in June 2002.

At age 69, he was convicted of three counts of trafficking in 28 grams or more of cocaine, four counts of cocaine distribution, and single counts of conspiracy to traffic in 200 grams of cocaine and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, according to The Boston Globe. Andrew was accused of being a major supplier of Boston's cocaine in the 1990s for about 10 years.

Andrew was sentenced in August 2006 to a decade behind bars in a state prison. Prior to hearing the verdict, he suffered a mild heart attack, according to The Globe. Like Kevin, Andrew welcomed seven children, but he also has 25 grandchildren.

- Kevin has survived 10 HoH reigns without ever being nominated or winning a competition, which is a new franchise record.