After weeks of rumors, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie will begin filming The Simple Life 3, the third edition of the duo's popular "fish out of water" Fox reality-sitcom tomorrow.

According to the New York Post, The Simple Life 3, which was first announced by Fox way back in July but is rumored to have been delayed for reasons ranging from Paris having a temporary falling out with Nicole to Paris simply having no time for the series as a result of her recent busy heiress schedule, will center around a month-long Greyhound bus road trip.

As in The Simple Life 2's Airstream trailer road trip, the Greyhound bus tour will feature the girls visiting local families and "working" at a wide array of odd jobs. But unlike Simple Life 2, this time around the girls will not have a swanky home on wheels and will instead just be travelling around the northeast United States in a normal Greyhound bus that will also be ferrying "normal" members of the public that are travelling to the same destination.

"They'll be staying with different families for different lengths of time while they do a variety of jobs," a source close to the production told The Post. According to the paper, the jobs will include "professional internships" (rumors of Fox attempting to land the duo Congressional internships in Washington have been floating around for weeks) and both white and blue collar positions in politics, finance, and the service industries.

The program's November shooting schedule will likely result in Simple Life 3 differing from Simple Life 2 in one easily noticeable aspect -- the girls' clothing. Back in January, Fox delayed production of Simple Life 2 until the weather warmed up (and confined their road trip to the Sun Belt) so that the duo wouldn't catch cold in their barely-there ensembles. But given the Simple Life 3's "autumn in the northeast" shooting schedule, it would appear the two will be covering up a bit more this time around... or defiantly braving the cold in the name of fashionistas everywhere.

Since The Simple Life 2 aired this summer, Paris has been near ubiquitous and remained in the headlines by, among other things, launching a jewelry line, publishing a book, filming an upcoming National Lampoon's movie, recording her own pop-rock music album, opening her own nightclub chain and, of course, appearing in a new sex tape scandal.