Wondering what new outrageous premise The Simple Life producers have decided to go with for the Simple Life sequel that they've been brainstorming about since before the first season of the hit series even premiered? Well if Paris Hilton's own public comments can be believed, viewers need not wonder any more.

According to a recent USA Today report, in an impromptu interview at a Golden Globe after-party, Paris Hilton appears to have let the much-discussed but previously unannounced second season premise out of the bag. During the brief exchange with a USA Today reporter, Hilton revealed that the plans for the second season for the hit FOX "reality-sitcom" center around one of the few other classic Hollywood screwball comedy concepts that's probably just as old as the first season's "fish out of water" premise -- the classic "road trip misadventures" concept.

"They tell me we're going to travel around the country in a Winnebago with some new family," Hilton told the reporter, before being led away by the bodyguard that Hilton's father, Rick Hilton, had hired to oversee his daughter for the evening.

But don't expect to see Hilton or her co-star Nicole Richie pulling into an RV park anywhere near you anytime soon, as the paper also reports that filming won't begin "until the weather warms up" so that the two fashionistas won't get too cold, while, once again, wandering around wearing practically nothing.