NBC announced it has ordered Perfect 10, a new game show that will feature contestants trying to complete 10 simple yet increasingly-difficult challenges for the chance to win $1 million.

Each Perfect 10 episode will follow different contestants as they face 10 challenges that are simply designed but escalate in difficulty as the participant progresses through them. Each challenge has a 60-second time limit and failure to finish each task in the allotted time will eliminate the contestant.

While the contestant can walk away and keep the money they earned at certain points in the competition, they will need to complete all 10 tasks to win the $1 million grand prize.

"This new show creates a new kind of intuitive gaming challenge that has rarely been seen on television before," said NBC Universal executive Yvonne Pilkington.

"However, like all the best format ideas it is incredibly simple and relatable. It also represents NBCU's international focus in expanding our global business profile and integrates perfectly with our projected growth strategy."

Prior to production, 50 games will be introduced via NBC's website and through on-air promotions so viewers can test them at home.

"Perfect 10 features easy-to-replicate challenges that the audience can play and practice at home," said NBC reality chief Paul Telegdy. "These fun and unique games will entertain and engage even when the show isn't on TV."

NBC ordered eight episodes of Perfect 10, which is produced by Universal Media Studios with Friday Television.