Expecting Average Joe 2 to feature a group of "average janes" competing for the heart of a handsome bachelor? Don't count on it.

Ever since last month's disclosure that pending a The Next Joe Millionaire-like ratings flop, NBC already has a second edition of Average Joe filmed and in the can ready for broadcast a la the network's For Love Or Money summer hit, viewer speculation has centered on the idea that, similar to FLOM, the second edition of Joe will feature a handsome single man selecting from among a group of "average janes." However according to the show's producer and series host, there are no immediate plans to reverse the program's formula.

"Are you kidding?" series host and comedian Kathy Griffin recently told the Boston Herald. "Guys would freak out having 15 overweight women with real bodies and stuff. They'd flip the heck out. Yeah, they can't handle it." Added Average Joe executive producer Stuart Krasnow in an interview with Zap2It, "Looks are fourth and fifth down the list (for women)." "Sense of humor and having a job and being intelligent comes way above that. The men on the other hand . . . you ask them what they're looking for in a woman, nine out of 10 times, looks is the first thing. Men are more `lookist,' if you will."

Apparently Average Jane is a concept whose time is yet to come... although given the lack of originality seen in a number of reality programs, we're sure America won't be waiting long.