MTV has announced A Double Shot at Love -- the third season of its A Shot at Love reality dating series -- will premiere Tuesday, December 9 at 10PM ET/PT.

While A Shot at Love's first two seasons followed bisexual model Tila Tequila, its third season will instead feature bisexual twin sisters Rikki and Vikki -- known as the "Ikki Twins" -- as they whittle down a group of suitors consisting of 12 straight men and 12 gay women.

Despite the new object of affection, A Double Shot at Love will follow a similar format to the reality dating show's first two seasons -- with the suitors living together and competing against one another in challenges. 

In addition, each episode will conclude with an elimination ceremony that will send at least one of the suitors packing.

According to MTV, Rikki and Vikki originally hail from Pennsylvania and lived in nine states before moving to California to attend San Diego State University.  They currently work as models and have appeared on the covers of car magazines Import Turner and Fast & Sexy.

A Shot at Love's first season aired last fall and concluded with Tequila selecting Bobby Banhart.  However the two split almost immediately following the show's pre-taped finale, and they subsequently bickered about who was responsible for the end of their relationship.

A Shot at Love's second season aired earlier this year and ended with Tequila selecting Kristy Morgan only to have Morgan reject the offer because she said she's "unsure about [her] experience with women" and was trying to be "honest" and "true to [her] feelings."

Tequila ultimately decided against doing a third season of the series because she felt the show didn't "fully represent" who she is "as a regular person."

A Double Shot at Love is being produced by 495 Productions, with Sally Ann Salsano and Scott Jeffress serving as executive producers.