Tila Tequila doesn't even want to find out if the third time would be a charm for her to find love via her A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila reality dating series.

"I have decided that I do not want to do 'A SHOT AT LOVE SEASON 3'  because I feel like this show doesn't fully represent who I am as a regular person," wrote Tequila in a Sunday posting on her personal website.  "It was fun while it lasted but as life moves on, I feel that it is important that I move on as well."

A Shot at Love's Fall 2007 first season ended with Tequila choosing Bobby Banhart.  While they disagreed about who was responsible for the split, the couple broke-off their romantic relationship shortly after the finale aired.

While her second stint as A Shot at Love's object of affection seemed destined for a happy ending, she was rejected by her selected suitor Kristy Morgan during the pre-taped second-season finale earlier this month. 

A mere 30 minutes after the finale broadcast concluded she posted a profanity-laced message on her personal MySpace blog about the way the second season unfolded, however since then Tequila said she's doing better since she's focusing on moving on.

"I am definitely working on another TV show that will be all me baby!  So Im very excited about that!" she posted on her personal website.  "I cant wait to show the world all of me and not just 1 small side of me....I am ready to get crunk, crazy, and have fun with my life!  This is all worth it at the end of the day because I have all of my awesome fans to share this journey with!"

While Tequila declined to "go into detail yet about my new tv show," she assured fans they're going to "LOVE it and itll kick MAJOR ass!"