MTV has announced Tinseltown as the setting for The Real World's upcoming twentieth installment -- The Real World: Hollywood -- which for the first time will also "go green" in order to educate younger viewers on the importance of incorporating environmentally-friendly decisions into their everyday lives.

Production on The Real World: Hollywood is set to begin this fall and will mark the long-running reality show's return to California, where the series' sophomore edition -- The Real World: Los Angeles -- filmed in 1993.

"Coming back to Los Angeles after 14 years, where else but Hollywood could MTV have brought The Real World?" said Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, whose 13th district includes the production's location. "The combination of reality-TV excitement with strong ecological practices is a natural fit for Hollywood, the world's capital of entertainment and the place to look for the future of building a sustainable city."

Eco-friendly practices featured on The Real World: Hollywood, which represents a partnership between thinkMTV and a variety of environmentally-friendly manufacturers, will include the use of solar energy; bamboo flooring; recycled glass counters and vintage decor; some sustainable furniture; energy star appliances; and energy efficient lighting.

In addition, The Real World production company Bunim-Murray Productions has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact by incorporating more eco-friendly production practices when filming, such as reducing carbon emissions.

"Our environment is changing, and young people are realizing that the choices they make in their daily lives can affect the future of the world they live in," said MTV president Christina Norman. "The Real World has a longstanding history of tackling the issues facing each generation of MTV viewers and this season, we wanted to empower our audience by incorporating real, actionable solutions that they can take to make their own homes environmentally-friendly."

Much like VH1's approach to casting suitors for its I Love New York and Flavor of Love reality dating shows, The Real World: Hollywood also gave fans of the show the opportunity to select one of the seven roommates who will be featured.  More than 20,000 hopefuls submitted 90-minute video bios to a The Real World casting website over the last three months, and after more than 2.9 million votes were cast, a Daytona Beach, FL man was selected as one of the roommates.

While MTV and Bunim-Murray will determine the other six cast members, Damon Furberg, The Real World's supervising cast director, said a "back to basics" approach for casting will be implemented to find roommates with "career goals and certain things they want to achieve like way back at the beginning of the show."

"It's exciting to bring the show back to Los Angeles and more specifically Hollywood," said Jon Murray, The Real World co-creator as well as Bunim-Murray's chairman and president. "Much like our Los Angeles cast 14 years ago, most of this year's cast hope to pursue their entertainment career goals while living in the Real World house."

The Real World: Hollywood, which will consist of 24 episodes, is scheduled to premiere early next year.