After a dramatic weekend in which anger and gossip dominated the Big Brother 6 house, Michael Donnellan, who had been nominated for eviction by Eric Littmann, the second Head of Household, became the second houseguest to be evicted from the CBS reality show during last night's live broadcast.

Michael, a single 28-year-old artist from Orange County, CA, was evicted in a 9-1 vote, with Kaysar Ridha, Michael's secret partner, being the only houseguest to not vote in favor of his ouster.

Last weekend, Michael and Eric got into a heated argument with Eric accusing Michael of sexual harassment and threatening his family -- an incident that led to a group warning for misconduct in the house. On Tuesday, James Rhine won the game's Power of Veto, however he decided not to use it, feeling that it was in the best interests of the houseguests to leave both Michael and Janelle Pierzina on the chopping block.

Along the way, what had started out as game strategy had turned into a budding romance for the two veto-less nominees. Feeling exiled from the rest of the houseguests, Michael and Janelle had spent most of their eviction week together in the gold bedroom (Janelle's secret partner, Ashlea Evans, was evicted last week.)

After Michael learned his fate he said his good-byes, left the house, and was interviewed by Big Brother 6 Julie Chen.

Once Michael had left, the remaining houseguests competed in a competition called "Majority Rules" to see who would become the next Head of Household. Kaysar, a 24-year-old graphic designer from Irvine, CA. won the coveted position in a tiebreaker.