Liz Williams, a 21-year-old shoe sales representative from Arlington, TX, became the ninth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's fifteenth season during Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

"I am very proud -- just to make it this far -- to make it abroad and out of the country is just amazing. And you know, I hope I am successful after this because that was the whole point of coming. I mean, I feel like all I have is to take what I learned from here and go forward with it," Liz lamented.

"But honest to God, the only person that can make me happy right now is my daughter. And now, I can't wait to see her."

Liz was eliminated after Top Model's judges reviewed the editorial photos the season's six remaining finalists had taken at their eighth photo shoot, which required them to divide into two groups of three girls and portray an eighteenth century Venetian period of decadence while posing with a male model portraying Casanova.

Liz ended up in the bottom two alongside Chris, a 20-year-old from Arlington, TX. Both girls had failed to impress Top Model photo shoot director Jay Manuel during the photo shoot, which featured the girls in corsets and gowns lounging across a gondola at the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy while vying for Casanova's attention.

"Chris and Liz -- they were a little awkward at first in trying to find their positioning, and I felt that [Simone Falcetta] was really trying to direct them to get into that lap of luxury feeling," Jay said following the shoot.

Jay did not think Chris' shoot got any smoother or impressive as it went on.

"Open up to the camera," Jay told Chris.

"As the shoot progressed, Chris became more and more awkward, so she kind of lost her performance," Jay said following her shoot.

Jay and the photographer Simone had also been frustrated with Liz, whom they felt could not get comfortable or stop complaining about the heat, as they both attempted to guide her through the current photo shoot.

"Okay Liz look there, look there, more profile," Simone said.

"Variety -- keep it alive, keep it alive," Jay added.
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The next day the girls arrived for the fifteenth season's eighth elimination panel -- where they were met by Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks, photographer Nigel Barker, judge Andre Leon Talley, and guest judge Margherita Missoni, the daughter of one of the most established names in Italian fashion who earlier critiqued the girls in Missoni's Fall fashion clothing line in Milan.

The judges criticized both girls' photos during their panel critiques.

"Chris, I think you look amazing, and this does not look like Teen Vogue to me. For some reason, it doesn't work for me in the picture -- I love what you look like as a solo -- If I was to crop you out I think you'd look dynamic. In the group, I just want there to be a little more anxed or passion or love," Nigel said.

"Chris, I think you look like a huge crow is coming into the gondola. I think you look afraid," Andre Leon added.

"Chris does look a little scared, but I think that's what I like," Margherita said.

"I like this picture of you Chris in the wide -- it has a sexuality that borders on a slight hoochie but you didn't get off on the hoochie stop. You stayed on the train. Up close, you kind of look surprised. Your brows go like this, and it doesn't create any angles that I find interesting when I go into the closeup," Tyra noted.

Liz's photo was then reviewed.

"Regardless of whether you're out of focus or not, I think this is the right way for you to go as far as the attitude, the look, although I don't think you committed enough. I think you could take it one step further," Nigel explained.

"You know, one of the issues I have with you is that you don't always commit 100% percent. You kind of laugh your way through things."

"I'm not excited by Liz; I'm not excited about the slutty stance," Andre Leon added.

"It was really hard to balance and..." Liz explained.

"It was declasse. But having said all of that, I do think your face is lovely, but I find the declasse stance takes away from your strengths," Andre Leon interrupted.

"I like the confidence and that strong woman thing, but it doesn't look in the right time. It looks like during Venice carnival, for example," Margherita said.

"I actually like your energy in the shot, Liz. I like the strength, but on this photo shoot, I feel like you struggled. I feel like this was a rare moment -- you were a bit lost," Tyra said.

Tyra revealed the girls in order of the best photo to the worst of the week. Kayla, a 19-year-old waitress from Rockford, IL, received the first photo. Following Kayla, Tyra then revealed Jane, Chelsey and Ann had also advanced to the competition's next round -- leaving Chris and Liz in the bottom two.

Tyra recapped both girls' issues before revealing which one would get to remain in the competition.

"The competition gets stiff and tough when we're in another country. And so, what has gotten you this far, will not necessarily take you to the next level," Tyra began.

"Chris, you have a personality that is effervescent, that is so beautiful, that is contagious. When you walk in a room you light it up, but your photos are not shining and sparkling as much as these women. So you must rise to meet them if your staying in this competition," Tyra told her.

"Then we have beautiful Liz, who has this gorgeous bone structure, strong androgyny that the judges love, and your photos are good and sometimes amazing. But now, the judges say that you make too many excuses," Tyra explained.

Tyra then revealed Chris' photo, resulting in Liz's elimination. 

"So Liz, do you understand that you do not have to win this competition to be a good influence on your daughter? Do you understand that your life as a model is not over because you're going home right now? And do you understand how amazingly fierce and gorgeous you are with this look and you better not put a weave in it?" Tyra joked afterwards.