Jane Randall was eliminated from America's Next Top Model's fifteenth season during Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

Afterward, the 19-year-old student from Baltimore, MD talked to Reality TV World about her America's Next Top Model experience -- including whether she was surprised to be cut, how she felt about the judges' comments that she had no personality, and what she thought about Top Model star Tyra Banks' parting critique of her

Reality TV World: Were you surprised when you got eliminated this week or did you somewhat see it coming beforehand since you were in the bottom two last week?

Jane Randall: I definitely thought I was going to have to pull out all the stops in this last motion editorial -- I knew there was a good chance. I mean, just the fact that two people are going home [meant there was a good chance] that I'd be going home. But there was a moment certainly towards the end when Tyra said that I was memorable to her and I thought maybe then that there was a chance I'd be in the final.

Reality TV World: When Miss J. told you girls that you'd be meeting the most important person ever on Top Model who did you think it was at first and were you nervous or excited?

Jane Randall: I think it made me both nervous and excited. Being on the show, there's something crazy every week. So you get pretty used to the idea of getting put in uncomfortable situations. I absolutely had no idea who it was going to be, if it was going to be the editor of Italian Vogue, I pretty much thought she'd be the only one left.

Reality TV World: When you found out you'd be meeting and presenting yourself to Franca, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, what went through your mind?

Jane Randall: I was certainly intimidated that this is the woman with power, the highest level of power in the fashion industry. So this was a good opportunity for me to show my personality and be professional and really try to make a good impression on someone who matters so much in the fashion industry.

Reality TV World: You said before meeting Franca that you wanted to do well and that winning the competition and modeling for her magazine was something you wanted more than anything in your life. Looking back, do you still find that accurate? Was or is modeling your most important career goal?

Jane Randall: For me right now after I finish this semester, my focus is going to be entirely on modeling and Vogue Italia -- landing the cover is the epitome of every model's career -- so certainly given the new direction that I'm taking, it was a goal I really wanted to achieve.

Reality TV World: So you did go back to Princeton already?

Jane Randall: Well basically we can't do anything while the show's on, so I figured why not get another semester of school in and then I have some exams and a paper due in January, but when that stops I plan to take time off -- but that is assuming I get an agency.
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Reality TV World: So just to clarify, do you plan to continue modeling once you're done with school or you're doing it fairly soon if you can?

Jane Randall: I'm going to take time off to pursue modeling.

Reality TV World: The judges always referred to you as beautiful, but it sometimes seemed like that was your only positive critique. Did that get frustrating as well to constantly be referred to as the pretty face?

Jane Randall: Definitely. It was very frustrating to be told that I had the potential but I wasn't doing anything with it... It was definitely a shame because I really wanted to do something with the potential that everyone was telling me I had and Top Model -- it's very hard to experience and really try to learn.

I mean, I think it was our second photo shoot with Mr. Jay when he said the training wheels are off. I really just did everything by trial and error to see what worked. I studied a lot of magazines and editorials within them, but I really had no sense of what I was doing.

And it was frustrating because I felt like the critiques I was getting in panel -- I mean for everyone -- didn't necessarily match up or really provide any sense of constructive criticism. And it was especially frustrating when I got critiqued on my personality when I really wanted some tangible advice on how to be a better model.

Reality TV World: Franca said you were too concerned with appearing beautiful and Andre Leon said it's like you edit yourself in the frame. Do you find yourself doing that when you model -- putting too much focus on how you think you look rather than just acting, getting into it and feeling the moment?

Jane Randall: I mean I think Franca's comment was a little separate from Andre Leon Talley's because I was told multiple times that I edit myself -- that I overanalyze things or that I'm too academic -- I think that was largely due to the fact that they were trying to give me the edit of an academic student.

And with Miss Jay when we were doing the runway challenge on the conveyor belt, he said my face was too academic. I mean, he could have just said that I did a bad job, but he disguised it as being too academic.

So, Franca's comment though, I had difficulty understanding her at the time, but I think she also said that sometimes being beautiful isn't a good thing. So I'm not really sure how to take her critique but I'm okay with it if that's what it was.

Reality TV World: During this week's episode, Tyra gave you the best critique yet in saying that you have a million dollar face and that she'd want to buy anything off your body. She said you really worked her set and for once was memorable. Why do you think the judges found you forgettable before and not now?

Jane Randall: Well this was the first opportunity I actually got to interact with any of the judges. The only other reaction I had then was during panel and that was a very stressful period, and as you said before, I didn't really seem to be getting good critiques.

I never really felt like my confidence was growing after panel or that it was really a supportive environment, so I was very glad that I had this opportunity to work with Tyra before the experience was over, because I really would have regretted it if she had no sense of who I was.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction to Tyra's positive critiques?

Jane Randall: I was ecstatic. She was the one who shot the editorial so for her to defend me against other judges and for her opinion, as she's done so much with her career as a model, it really meant a lot to me and I was happy to go out sort of on a high note.

Reality TV World: Jay Manuel said that you have a stiff walk and Tyra added that you have the tendency to seem too controlled. Why do you think that is? Do you think you just had trouble coming out of your shell or are you naturally just quiet and reserved?

Jane Randall: I don't think I tried to control myself too much. I think during panel that when you're under intense critique I tried to maintain too much composure, and I think I maybe treated it too much sort of as a weekly job assessment to see how well you're doing -- what you can improve on.

I never really thought of it as an environment amongst friends, which maybe I should have looking back, but also with the walk and it being stiff, I have no idea how to wear high heels. It wasn't a matter of me trying to control myself; I just really have no idea how to wear them.

Reality TV World: You mentioned not coming on the show to make friends, but when you and Ann didn't win the challenge at Italian Vogue with Franca, the show let us in on your little party. It seemed like you got along very well with her. Can you describe the relationship you had with her on the show and how it might have progressed since the beginning?

Jane Randall: Yeah, I was friends actually with pretty much every single girl in the house. Anyone who tells you when they get on reality shows, "I'm not here to make friends," well that's a terrible terrible idea because in order to get the best out of this experience you absolutely need a positive support system with the people you interact with daily.

Ann was someone -- she lived in the room I did -- and I ate breakfast in the morning everyday with her and she was someone I've always been friends with. I got especially close with her when we were in Italy and then that night, like we just had a lot of fun. Ann actually just came to visit me last weekend and I'm in contact with all the girls who were in the top four.

Reality TV World: You broke down during the episode where you were stone coming to life, can you elaborate more on what happened there and what led up to you crying?

Jane Randall: Basically even more than they showed, on the episode I was critiqued constantly about my personality and that did really affect me. I didn't enter the competition thinking that I was gonna receive criticism about who I am as a person, or at least that's how I interpreted it at the time.

I always tried to maintain my composure and try not to breakdown and just focus on improving, but I don't think I realized how much I internalized those comments until Mr. Jay and I said at the shoot that it wasn't a matter of my modeling because my posing was okay and it was fine, but it was about passion, and that I lacked passion in my life. And when they said something as blunt as that, I just broke down.

Reality TV World: The judges apparently saw your tears in a positive light saying it was the first true emotion out of you showing the real you. Do you agree with them that you had a breakthrough or were you frustrated they only saw your personality in that type of situation?

Jane Randall: I was certainly very frustrated. I think it's -- I don't know, I don't wanna say sad -- but the fact I had to breakdown and cry for them to get really -- That was my first conversation with Mr. Jay beyond any typical interaction on set.

I never really felt like the focus of any of the judges and I never talked to Nigel before. I never really felt like they were particularly interested in me, and the statue shoot may not have been my best modeling shoot, but it was certainly my best week for reality TV.

Reality TV World: How difficult did you find the acting task to be when Barbara Terrononi tried to coach you through portraying different emotions. Do you think her teaching helped you?

Jane Randall: Yeah, it goes back to when Karolina Kurkova told us just how hard it is to portray different emotions and as a model you really are an actress without words and that actually makes it harder.

So, it was kind of definitely helpful and very relevant to modeling. And I think regardless if someone is pursuing acting, taking some acting classes would certainly be beneficial.

Reality TV World: What advantages do you think you had over the other models that the judges may not have mentioned?

Jane Randall: I think the fact that I had no experience actually did help me in regards that I had no bad habits.  Other models picked up -- I know that certain people said they were trained to do runway this way or that -- so I was very moldable and I think that worked to my advantage.

I also spent a lot of time studying the designers. I made a study guide before coming in and they also provided us a little book in the house on models and I would read it every morning before I went to breakfast with Ann and Esther. It really was never mentioned, but I think I got criticized for even not studying for the designer photo shoot afterwards at panel.

Reality TV World: So you didn't have any prior modeling experience then, is that correct?

Jane Randall: No, I had zero.

Reality TV World: How upset were you that you didn't make it to the final two girls? Were you really looking forward to duking it out on the runway in Roberto Cavalli designs, or was it almost a relief that you didn't have to go through the stress of that?

Jane Randall: It was certainly a relief just to be free of that atmosphere. It was very critical. I was just so at ease by the idea that I could just finally go back to the hotel room and take a nap, but at the same time I really wanted to do the Covergirl shoot because I think in that scenario, I would of had an advantage.

It's all a beauty shot, and that was something I was consistently told that I would do well in -- my makeup artists and the designers would all tell me that -- they all encouraged me to pursue the beauty side to fashion.

Reality TV World: Do you think Ann having the best motion editorial this week was the right decision on the judges' part? She had best photo five times in a row at the beginning of the competition, but she apparently has been slipping up until now.                      

Jane Randall: Yeah, actually during the editorial I really felt like Kayla and Chelsey were sort of knocking it out of the park. It was very difficult though because it was all done on a very strict time schedule where not everyone has the same amount of time for each shot, but I really thought that Kayla was going to be in the finals actually.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on America's Next Top Model and was it your first time applying for the show?

Jane Randall: It was my first time applying for the show. So I had recently decided to actively pursue modeling so I took a couple pictures in my dorm room with my roommate and I sent them in to a couple agencies in New York and I was also watching Gossip Girl on [theCW.com] and an application for applying to Top Model came up.

So I figured I had these pictures saved on my computer, I'll just submit them. I wasn't even sure that the submission went through but apparently Tyra herself actually looks at the submissions so I was very excited when I got the phone call.

Reality TV World: Are you happy with your overall performance on the show or would you have done things differently if you were afforded the chance to go back and start over?

Jane Randall: I'm very happy that I made it to the top four. There was a point -- I mean, I thought I was going to be the first elimination. I guess it goes all the way back to casting when I walked into the room -- girls had been recruiting off of modeling websites with full portfolios.

I never thought I had a serious chance at making the show and I never thought I'd make it into the top 10. After the feedback I was getting, it just wasn't great. I was incredibly proud of myself for making it into the top four.

But if I could do it all over again, I do wish I had some modeling background before, because I really think I would of had a much greater chance at being in the finals. But I also wish that I treated panel a little differently. But I'm not going to criticize myself because it was a very stressful period.