Little Women: LA star Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and her husband Chris Sorge have announced their first-born son now has a sibling.

The couple welcomed their second child, another baby boy whom they named Benjamin Michael, on December 1, People reported.

Benjamin joins Jasmine and Chris' son, Mason, who is a toddler now.

"Finally we get to announce the birth of our son Benjamin," Jasmine wrote on her Facebook page Thursday. "We are so in love and Mason is such a wonderful big brother! I guess there is only room for one queen."

Benjamin was reportedly born weighing eight pounds, and he measured 21 inches.

"My little man instantly took my breath away," she told People. "My husband and I are thrilled to finally announce Benji's birth to share him with the incredible Little Women fans this season."

Jasmine apparently couldn't be any happier about delivering a healthy child.

"I don't know what I've done in my life to deserve to be mommy to my beautiful boys, but I will spend a lifetime dedicating everything to them," Jasmine insisted.

"Benjamin is the perfect addition to our family and Mason is the perfect big brother. I can't wait to watch these two grow up together and be best friends."

News of Jasmine's pregnancy broke in June 2016. Jasmine's representative told the magazine at the time the hairstylist and singer was "thrilled" to expand her family.