Little Women: LA star Terra Jole has revealed to the world she's pregnant with her second child.

Jole, who also stars in the spinoff Little Women: Terra's Family, found out she was expecting another child back in December while on vacation with friends in Mexico, Us Weekly reported.

Jole immediately questioned how to share the great news with her husband Joe Gnoffo.

"I found out I was pregnant," Jole, 35, told Us. "I contemplated taking pictures of pregnancy tests but decided to wait until I got back to tell him."

The Los Angeles-based reality star insisted the couple would like to be surprised by the baby's sex.

"We're really hoping that this time we don't find out the gender and can go all the way without knowing," said Jole, who is due in August. "Now we get to argue over two names instead of one!"

Jole is currently in her second trimester, and while she noted it feels like she's "in heaven," her first pregnancy with Penelope, now 13 months, was easier.

"I was only nauseous maybe two days with Penelope and just toward the end I was very uncomfortable," Jole explained. "But whatever is growing inside of me this time is definitely different. There is not a day I didn't have nausea in my first trimester!"

Penelope -- who has dwarfism just like her parents -- suffers from hydrocephalus, which means she has an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain, according to Us.

Penelope therefore underwent spinal decompression surgery just last month.

"We have another MRI coming up and we'll definitely know more," Jole said. "Temperament-wise, you would never guess that she ever had a surgery... because she's very happy and just an easygoing child."

The fourth season of Little Women: LA premiered in late January and currently airs on Wednesday nights at 9PM ET/PT on Lifetime. Little Women: Terra's Family airs immediately afterward at 10PM ET/PT.
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