If the Morgan tribe proved to be one thing during their eighteen days of existence, it was that they were a tribe completely willing to have their future determined by outside forces.

From when they finally won their first challenge only due to the other tribe throwing it, to their only fishing success coming when Rupert joined them, and closing with their apparent decision to take no pro-active action when they ran out of rice and weren't expecting a merge, Morgan repeatedly left it up to outside forces to pull their ass out of the fire time and time again. As such, it seemed fitting that when the merge finally came, Morgan's former "leader" (and we the term loosely) was done in by one of his more sensible previously ousted tribe members (Lillian Morris) who, quite simply said "no more."

This week's unsurprising booting of Andrew Savage boosted SurvivorBlows' prediction record to 7-0-2 (seven correct predictions, zero incorrect, and two correct alternate bootee.) In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, "richthedevil" remains atop the leaderboard for another week.

So what happens next week on Survivor? Do the remaining three non-aligned Morgans assume their expected roles for a pagonging? Does Ryan O have any chance of making it past the next tribal council? Will we ever get to see the stupid grin wiped off of Jon's face? And will the whole thing truly be "shocking, simply shocking?" Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!