Blonde Charity Mafia will apparently have a new broadcast home -- if it ever airs at all.

The new The Hills-like reality series following several young Washington, D.C. socialites has been dropped by Lifetime and is currently "in development" at The CW, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

When contacted by Reality TV World, a Lifetime spokesperson stated she could neither confirm nor deny the network had dropped Blonde Charity Mafia but stated all show inquiries should be made to The CW.  A CW spokesperson did subsequently confirm that the network is considering picking up Blonde Charity Mafia and the show -- which was already filmed last year -- is technically considered "in development" at The CW.

Lifetime ordered six episodes of Blonde Charity Mafia last August and originally planned to premiere it in November, with the show's episodes reportedly scheduled to air immediately after the network's broadcasts of Project Runway's sixth-season episodes.

However Project Runway's sixth season is currently stuck in litigation limbo after NBC Universal -- Bravo's parent company -- sued the show's The Weinstein Company production company over Lifetime's surprise deal to acquire the Bravo flagship reality series, causing the womens cable network to shuffle its programming slate.

Since Blonde Charity Mafia finished filming five months ago, The Post reported camera crews are once again in the nation's Capitol to film "fresh footage" of its stars -- twenty-something socialites Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle.

"[New filming is] to stay current with the lives of our cast members, " a representative for the show's PB&J Television production company told The Post.

In addition, the representative declined to comment on whether the show would still be titled Blonde Charity Mafia.