The CW has announced that Blonde Charity Mafia, a new The Hills-like reality series starring several young Washington, D.C. socialites, will premiere with two back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, July 7 at 9PM ET/PT and 9:30PM ET/PT.

Beginning Tuesday, July 14, the series will settle into its regular timeslot, with an encore of the previous week's episode airing at 9PM ET/PT followed by an original episode at 9:30PM ET/PT. 

Blonde Charity Mafia will focus on socialites Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle, three of D.C.'s most influential "20-something Alpha Girls," according to the network.

Blonde Charity Mafia was originally ordered by Lifetime last August.  The network had originally planned to premiere it in November, with the show's episodes reportedly scheduled to air immediately after the network's broadcasts of new sixth-season episodes of Project Runway, which Lifetime thought it had managed to grab from Bravo in a surprise April 2008 deal with the show's The Weinstein Company production company.

However, Bravo's NBC Universal parent company immediately sued The Weinstein Company over the deal, resulting in a year-long legal saga that prevented Lifetime from airing Project Runway's sixth season. A settlement was finally announced last week and Lifetime is now scheduled to premiere Project Runway's sixth season this summer. 

The delay also forced Lifetime to shuffle some of its programming slate, resulting in the womens cable network dropping Blonde Charity Mafia, which was subsequently picked up by The CW.

Blonde Charity Mafia and Hitched or Ditched, another new reality series The CW will premiere on May 26, will be the first original summer programming to ever air on the three-year-old broadcast network.

"We're very excited to be launching original programming during the summer months for the first time," said The CW president Dawn Ostroff said.  "We want to keep this season's momentum going by freshening our schedule with two new reality shows with fun, relatable concepts aimed squarely at our young female demo."

Blonde Charity Mafia is being produced by Capital Hills Productions, with Patty Ivins, and Julie Pizzi serving as executive producer.