Kylie Jenner leaves little to the imagination in a new revealing short film that also features her boyfriend Tyga.

The clip, released on Christmas Day on video-sharing site Vimeo, features the 19-year-old smoking a cigarette in the nude before soaking in a shower while wearing a white t-shirt.

Eventually, Tyga is seen joining Jenner in the shower where the pair get physical as music from singer Niia plays in the background.

The video was directed by photographer Sasha Samsonova who deemed the project a "little surprise gift for the world" in an interview with "W" magazine.

"It fell into place very, very naturally. It just happened," Samsonova said of working with Jenner, whom she has photographed for years.

"The whole deal with this video is that it's a very personal experience. It's like you're watching this person from a point of view that has never been seen before," she continued.