Khloe Kardashian reportedly took Lamar Odom back because he swore he'd never do drugs again.

After hitting rock bottom and nearly losing his life, Odom apparently got the wake-up call he needed to change his life for the better and win Kardashian back.

According to sources, Odom promised the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, "I am done with drugs," TMZ reported.

That's allegedly all it took for Kardashian to officially drop James Harden as her boyfriend, withdraw her divorce petition in court and continue to stand by Odom in this time of struggle and recovery.

Odom reportedly thanked Kardashian numerous times for supporting him during his week-long stay in a Nevada hospital and also repeatedly told the reality TV star he loves her.

Kardashian's attorney Laura Wasser took care of dismissing the divorce case in court on Wednesday. Kardashian and Odom were still legally married because a judge had yet to sign off on the paperwork both parties filed in July. It was during that month Kardashian began dating Harden.

Kardashian may be excited about reconciling with Odom, but according to TMZ, her family is skeptical the former NBA star will really stay clean and be the husband Kardashian deserves.

Odom was found unconscious from an apparent drug overdose on October 13 in a Nevada brothel. He was in a coma for four days, but since waking up, Odom has made major strides -- speaking, eating, moving his arms and legs, breathing on his own, and more.