Kaitlyn Bristowe has finally provided The Bachelor fans a concrete timeline when it comes to marrying her fiance Shawn Booth.

Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged on The Bachelorette's eleventh season, which aired in Spring 2015, and on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live special following The Bachelor premiere, she provided a wedding update.

"I have something to say before we even get started. Last time I was on this show, you [Jimmy] bet me -- you made me put my hand on a stack of Us Weekly magazines -- to swear that I would still be together with Shawn B. after a year. And we are!" Kaitlyn said.

"Guess what?! I happen to have, partly in 50s, one thousand dollars for you and to give Shawn half," Jimmy announced.

"I will not! But anyways," Kaitlyn began with a laugh. "I wanted to challenge you because we will walk down the aisle, so I was thinking, 'Double or nothing.' I've got my attorney here!"

"Oh, I see," Jimmy said.

Kaitlyn appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her The Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall as well as Season 10's The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, who had also dumped Nick as the runner-up on her season. To add to the interesting dynamic, Nick had sex with both ladies.

"I mean, I would advise against it," noted Andi, a former assistant district attorney. "But, you know. You [Kaitlyn] followed my lead once!"

Andi was seemingly teasing Kaitlyn about sloppy seconds when it comes to Nick.

"And I regret it!" Kaitlyn yelled, before looking at Nick and saying, "I'm just kidding!"

"It worked out for you!" Andi told Kaitlyn as Nick appeared to force a smile.

The Bachelorette process clearly didn't work for Andi, as she split from her ex-fiance Josh Murray in January 2015 after dating for only a matter of months.

"I'll go double or nothing with you on getting married," Jimmy told Kaitlyn, returning to the original subject.

"You want to?" Kaitlyn asked of the bet.

"Yes, I will," Jimmy replied. "Okay, so we'll make this double or nothing. And how long until you get married?"

"Give us another year," Kaitlyn said of her impending nuptials with Shawn.

"Another year?" Jimmy questioned.

"Yeah, another year," Kaitlyn repeated.

"Two thousand dollars!" Andi verified for her friend.

"I mean, we did just meet a year-and-a-half ago!" Kaitlyn explained.

Nick, Andi and Kaitlyn apparently last saw each other at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's January 2016 wedding. Andi said she talks to both Nick and Kaitlyn occasionally. Nick then quietly confirmed about Andi, "We're friends."

After Andi said she's not friends with Nick like she is with Kaitlyn, Nick clarified, "We are friendly."

Andi laughed about how awkward this situation happened to be multiple times.

"This is gold for you right now," Kaitlyn told Jimmy with a laugh. "I feel like I'm not even a part of this. I'm like, 'I'm happily engaged.' It's been like a year-and-a-half."

"Way to rub it in!" yelled Andi.

Kaitlyn also mentioned wanting to get married within a year on Sunday night's Countdown to Nick special on ABC. She enjoys being engaged to Shawn so much that neither person has rushed marriage. The couple even joked that babies might come before the wedding because they're so happy just being engaged.