Corinne Olympios is reportedly proud to be labeled a villain on The Bachelor -- and so are her parents.

Olympios, a 24-year-old from Miami, FL, watched The Bachelor's Season 21 premiere on Monday night with her family, and according to TMZ, everyone really enjoyed it.

Olympios reportedly owns her aggressive dating approach and her parents have no issue with it either. The blonde beauty and her family are also fine with contestants and fans calling the bachelorette a villain, or something even worse due to her promiscuity and outspoken nature.

"My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum," Olympios said in a preview clip that aired following last night's The Bachelor episode.

The preview's editing shows Olympios taking her bikini top off on a group date and later in the season seeking out Viall in his hotel room just to have sex. It sounds like Viall may actually turn her down, or ultimately regret taking advantage of the opportunity.

And Olympios certainly didn't get off to a slow start this season. In the premiere, she was the first girl to lay a kiss on Viall when he wasn't even expecting it.

"Corinne is a bit of a firecracker," Viall said in the episode. "Being the first one to plant a kiss on me, it's a strong move. I didn't feel totally comfortable. And quite honestly, I really hope none of the other women saw us kiss."

Although Olympios portrays herself as a business owner, she works for her father's Miami-based Armor Garage company, TMZ reported, which is a supplier of epoxy floor coatings. She reportedly works in sales.
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