Justin "Jay" Starrett is one of the biggest threats left in the game heading into Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X's finale Wednesday night on CBS.

Jay, a 27-year-old real estate agent and former bartender from Fort Lauderdale, FL, has managed to survive vote after vote although the merged Vinaka tribe agrees he's a physical, strategic and social threat.

If the tribe doesn't attempt to take out Jay right away, he could easily win Individual Immunity Challenges and make it all the way to the end. He also has a lot of friends and former allies on the jury. Jay is one of three millennials left in the game with three Gen Xers.

Jay might've been stereotyped as a surfer dude at the beginning of the season, but he's made it clear he has goals in life, and winning the $1 million at the end of Survivor is one of them. Want to learn more about him?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Justin "Jay" Starrett:

- The Survivor castaway embraces a surfer-like attitude in life, meaning he just likes to ride the waves and go with the flow. Jay also loves the ocean and all activities pertaining to it.

- Jay's inspiration in life is his mother, whom he calls a "little Peruvian soldier" and his "hero." She has overcome past divorces and health issues, including 10 brain aneurysms and six surgeries. He also adores his sister Melanie.

- Jay isn't cool with people pushing religion on himself or others. He once found himself in that position with an ex-girlfriend's family.

- If he could describe himself in three words, they would be determined, intelligent and funny. But if he could add more words to that list, he'd choose positive and humble.

- Jay's pet peeves include people who make plans or say they're going to do something but do not follow through and deliver.

- Jay, who says he has a manipulative side, compares himself to former Survivor castaways Russell Hantz and Woo Hwang. Going into the game, he was prepared to backstab others with a smile on his face.

- He initially decided to appear on Survivor in order to stop taking things in life for granted. He wanted to strip himself of all the comforts and be one with nature again.

- Jay told Parade he grew up watching Survivor with his aunt and applied to get on the show twice.
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- Jay prefers meat over vegetables, he's a Republican and he enjoys reading books more than watching TV.

- His personal claim to fame is purchasing a house at age 25.