Juan Pablo Galavis admits one thing in particular saved his relationship with girlfriend Nikki Ferrell.

"We are so glad we did [Couples Therapy]," Galavis, 33, told Access Hollywood Live Wednesday. "I don't think we'd be together right now if we hadn't done it."

Galavis and Ferrell, 27, appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn together partly for having a highly volatile relationship with the press.

Galavis and Ferrell have been trying to make a long-distance relationship work -- as Galavis lives in Miami, FL, and Ferrell currently resides in Kansas City -- since deciding to date after the conclusion of The Bachelor's eighteenth season, which aired in March and taped in Fall 2013.

The pair has been scrutinized in the media for months because Galavis neither popped the question or told Ferrell he loved her. In addition to his lack of verbal commitment, Galavis also had a problem with introducing Ferrell to his five-year-old daughter Camila.

"The main issue I had," Galavis explained, "was I'd never introduced my daughter to my girlfriend... I didn't know how to handle it. Like, if I said 'girlfriend' and we broke up, then another girlfriend, and [my daughter's] like, 'Daddy, what was that other girlfriend? And that other girlfriend?' I didn't want that."

Ferrell has met Galavis' daughter since they started dating, but the former pro soccer player admitted that was a burden he carried on his shoulders for a while.

According to Us Weekly, Ferrell lamented on Couples Therapy to Dr. Jenn Berman, "I just sometimes feel like he's so nonchalant about things. I don't want to force anything from him, there's still a part of me who wonders, 'Maybe today it's gonna come. Maybe tomorrow it's gonna come.'"

As for his inability to express love to Ferrell, Galavis wouldn't reveal whether she's shared those three little words with her yet.

"That's a very good question," he laughed. "You guys have to watch the show... It's very interesting when you watch the show. I'm just telling you because you will understand the reason."

Talking things out apparently resulted in some emotional moments on the air for the couple.

"I'm a crybaby. It's intense. I never thought it was gonna be that way," Galavis told Access Hollywood Live. "You learn so much about yourself and the things that hurt somebody that you didn't even realize."
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Galavis also insisted he's not chauvinistic -- "not at all" in fact. The Bachelor fans had criticized him for treating Ferrell poorly and taking away her voice.

"That's what you saw on TV. Women and men are equal. I'm not above anybody," he added.

VH1's Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn premiered Wednesday night at 9PM ET/PT.

Potential signs of trouble between Galavis and Ferrell surfaced back in March when they were spotted chatting with counseling duo and Marriage Boot Camp stars Jim Carroll and Elizabeth Carroll.