Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell appear to be doing extremely well together despite the odds -- and conflicting tabloid reports.

The eighteenth-season The Bachelor couple -- who got ripped apart in the media after Galavis' season ended without a proposal or even an "I love you" confession from his end -- celebrated Galavis' 33rd birthday together at the Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami, FL, People reported.

"I'm very happy and blessed to spend the first of many birthdays with Nikki," Galavis told People. "She's a wonderful woman -- smart, caring, who treats my daughter amazingly well. She's the one who has to deal with this Latin guy, with a culture that she sometimes doesn't understand. She's been able to handle it well!"

"To think back to a year ago when he was announced as the Bachelor, and then to be here a year later with him; it all seems so surreal," Ferrell added. "I was really excited to be able to spend Juan's birthday with him here in Miami."

The couple reportedly engaged in a decent amount of PDA, dancing to live music and kissing the night away as Galavis sipped on scotch.

Galavis, now a sports and entertainment consultant, was given a soccer ball-decorated cake which also featured photos of his family, including his five-year-old daughter Camila.

"I had an amazing time with his family," Ferrell said of the former pro soccer player's father Saul and sister Anna among others. "And I also got to meet so many of his friends."

Ferrell admitted a memorable moment of the night was listening to salsa singer Obie Bermudez perform the couple's song "Adventures in Loving You."

"That was definitely my favorite part of the night, as that song brings back a lot of fun memories," noted the 27-year-old pediatric nurse. "The only thing missing was maybe a little country music, like Luke Bryan or Jake Owen!" 

The Bachelor's eighteenth-season finale filmed in late 2013 and aired this past March on ABC. Since then, reports have swirled the couple is on the rocks and seeking professional counseling.