Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison teases that what's to come for Elise Mosca and her new romantic interest Chris Bukowski is going to be a doozy.

After Dylan Petitt, the man Mosca fell in love with on the island, rejected her rose during Monday night's broadcast, Mosca gave it to Bukowski instead, who seemed to be her obvious choice by default.

"Chris [got] her sloppy seconds rose, and he gladly accepted. It was a beautiful moment in paradise. Next week, things get even crazier with Elise and Chris. What does that mean? Well, it's something you'll just have to see to believe. It's truly the last thing you would ever expect," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"Are we in paradise or some bizarre alternate universe?... There is so much more to come."

Harrison explained that Mosca was in denial of what her relationship with Petitt had become after she kissed Bukowski in the ocean. She thought it was just "a bump in the road" on their journey to find true love with one another. Meanwhile, Petitt just wanted to get as far away from Mosca as possible because he couldn't envision a future with her at all.

"I could see how some might say it's inexplicable how poorly Elise handled her relationship with Dylan and really how poorly she handled everything this week. While I don't think it was inexplicable, I will say she couldn't have possibly misread the situation worse nor could she have handled the rose ceremony much worse," Harrison said.

"Dylan couldn't have been more open and straightforward about his feelings for Elise after she decided to go 'swimming' with Bukowski. He wanted nothing to do with her. He flat out told her several times, 'Do not give me a rose, I won't take it.' There is nothing vague or confusing about that or anything else he said. Elise really thought that diving in the Bukowski fire pit was a good angle to play with Dylan. Turns out she was dead wrong."

Despite "an insane amount of warnings" from Petitt, Mosca tried to give her only rose to him anyway.

"Surprisingly (that's sarcasm) Dylan refused her rose," Harrison wrote in his EW blog.

"The only thing that could have possibly made that awkward moment worse was exactly what happened next. Elise quickly decided she would get the last word and show Dylan by making an insanely bizarre, confusing awkward speech about... well, who the hell knows what?"

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