Clearly, Christa Hastie simply wasn't cut out to play this game. Perhaps its due to some mental impairment from her alleged drug-use filled past, but for whatever reason, as Jon said, there are some people in this world who are simply far too naive to player Survivor, and from everything that viewers have witnessed, Christa certainly is one of them.

After already having witnessed firsthand multiple examples for Jon's distrustful nature, for some reason Christa and Sandra decided to believe Jon's claim that if they didn't team with Darrah and Tijuana to boot Burton at Episode 10's Tribal Council, then Jon and Burton would betray Lillian and take them to the Final 4 rather than Lillian. Instead, scorpion Jon did as is his nature, betraying Christa and Sandra almost immediately after Tijuana was booted... while turtles Christa and Sandra claimed they were shocked -- shocked they say -- at Jon's duplicitous move to immediately break his word to them. Wow, if only there had been some signs (booting Burton the first time... booting Rupert... cough... cough) that Jon might do such a thing... and considering how close he and Sandra were... what a huge surprise. Not.

This week's correct prediction of Christa's booting left SurvivorBlows' prediction record at 10-0-3 (ten correct predictions, zero incorrect, and three correct alternate bootee.) In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, there's a new leader atop the leaderboard -- congratulations to "faustwins!"

So what happens next week on Survivor? Who's Sandra going to hide behind now that there's no one else left in her alliance? Will the truth finally come out regarding Jon's grandmother? Can Sandra and Darrah somehow convince Lillian to turn on Jon and Burton? Check out our Survivor spoilers message board for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!