Jesse James is looking to get paid by a company he claims used his likeness without his permission.

The former Monster Garage and Jesse James is a Dead Man star and his Payupsucker Productions company filed a lawsuit Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court claiming Viewpartner Corporation and its president Alex Varones failed to honor a deal to pay $155,000 for using his likeness, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by RadarOnline.

The lawsuit alleges that in July 2008, Viewpartner used footage of James in sales presentations and promotional material for the Baja 500 race without his consent.

In addition, Viewpartner also allegedly implied that James endorsed the company's products.

In March 2009, James' Payupsucker production company and Viewpartner negotiated an agreement to pay the reality star $155,000 for "the sponsorship and other rights," according to the lawsuit.

However Viewpartner had still failed to pay James when the lawsuit was filed Tuesday.

James is suing Viewpartner and Varones for breach of contract, fraudulent inducement to enter into contract, and unauthorized use of name and likeness and is seeking the $155,000, additional unspecified damages and attorney fees.