Jenna Bowman is currently competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, but she just lost her best friend in the game.

Jenna is a 23-year-old advertising account executive from Detroit, MI, who currently resides in Venice Beach, CA.

Jenna was best friends with Stephanie Johnson on Survivor, but once Jenna, Stephanie and their other close ally, Michael Yerger, found themselves on the outs of their new Malolo tribe following a swap, Jenna and Michael teamed up with original Naviti members to take Stephanie out.

When Stephanie spoke to Reality TV World, she revealed that Jenna actually had a crush on Sebastian Noel, and he seemed to like her in return. Jenna therefore appears to be using her social -- and flirtation -- skills to get ahead.

Previews for the next Survivor episode reveal another tribal swap is coming, so Jenna will have a chance to regroup and make some new plans. Until we found out what happens next for this blonde beauty, let's learn more about the castaway.

Below are 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Jenna Bowman:

- Jenna's hobbies include volunteering for the non-profit Wish Upon a Teen as well as traveling and being outdoors.

- If she could only choose three words to describe herself, Jenna would choose creative, open minded and adventurous.

- Jenna finds fulfillment in making others smile. She believes it's important to not only maintain healthy relationships with friends and family, but also to make a difference in a total stranger's life. She urges others to pay it forward and make small gestures that count.

- Jenna can't stand it when people move too slow to accomplish something, and her other pet peeves include the word "poop," people who lie for no reason or have bad breath or road rage, and internet trolls.

- If she could have brought three items with her to the island, she would have picked lemons to flavor her water and food -- and to bleach her hair -- Mentos gum to chew, and finally pen and paper to document her journey on Survivor and write love letters to a hot castaway.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.