Donathan Hurley is currently competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, the show's 36th season, on CBS.

Donathan is a 26-year-old caretaker from Phelps, KY, who currently resides in Kimper, KY.

Donathan may not be a physical beast or mastermind when it comes to strategy, but he has a big heart and seems to draw his tribemates in with his sweet personality and optimistic attitude.

While Donathan's fellow castaways don't seem to view him as a threat to win the game, he could fly under the radar to the end thanks to strong friendships and relationships he builds. Because Donathan is a lovable guy, he could ultimately win jury votes.

Donathan has a passion for playing Survivor, but he feels guilty to be away from home. Will he maintain his energy and spirit, or is Donathan going to struggle more in the game the longer he lasts? Until viewers find out what happens next for Donathan, let's learn more about him.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Donathan Hurley:

- Donathan's hobbies include discovering new music on Spotify, vinyl record collecting, binge watching Survivor on CBS All Access, photography of nature and portraits, and changing perspectives on the LGBTQ community.

- The castaway finds himself annoyed and bothered by people who think they know it all, disrespect others for no reason, judge a book by its cover, say "literally" without it being literal, aren't straight forward when they need to be, and get his name wrong. Donathan hates being called Jonathan or Donovan.

- Donathan's personal claim to fame was being a part of a national and state-level winning dance team. He was proud of himself for being openly gay and dancing in front of thousands of people.

- Donathan takes care of his grandmother Deloris -- whom he calls "Maw Maw" -- since she suffered a brain aneurysm in 2006. He considers Deloris his inspiration and hero, as she is a strong-willed and open-minded woman who has overcome tremendous physical, financial and emotional odds.

- If he could have brought three things on the island with him, he would have chosen his cross necklace given to him by his grandmother, his glasses so he could snap them in half to make fire, and the clothes on his back.