Libby Vincek is currently competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, the show's 36th edition.

Libby is a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX.

Libby has received a fairly quiet edit so far on Survivor: Ghost Island, but according to fellow castaway Domenick Abbate, she's a player to watch.

Domenick was shown telling his pal, Bradley Kleihege, during the latest episode that Libby is "a devil in an angel's body" and she's very dangerous -- not only because she's beautiful and has the power to flirt with and manipulate guys, but she's also willing to cut someone's throat in order to get ahead in the game.

Bradley agreed Libby is a southern belle with a lot of potential as a strategist, so she's a clear target in the days to come on Survivor. Until we find out what happens next for Libby, whom Domenick described as "Parvati 2.0," let's learn more about her.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Libby Vincek:

- Libby's hobbies include traveling, cooking and working out by boxing, running and using weights.

- Libby can't stand it when people don't put away simple belongings. And she's also not a fan of those who chew loudly and walk slowly.

- Her inspiration in life is Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck, who competed on Survivor when Libby was 9-years-old.

Libby admires her outer beauty as well as her beautiful heart, work ethic, and ability to stand up for her beliefs. Libby calls Elisabeth "a badass blonde" and appreciates how she puts family and faith above all else.

- If allowed only three words to describe herself, Libby would choose adventurous, strong and outgoing.

- Libby's personal claim to fame is training for and completing a marathon. She passed the Florida finish line faster than her original goal, which she says was an incredible feeling.