Despite an initial report to the contrary, The CW's new Operation Fabulous reality project apparently isn't an America's Next Top Model spinoff.  Nor would it be a standard reality makeover show.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter reported The CW had given a pilot order to Operation Fabulous, a new reality series that would star Top Model judge and runway expert J. "Miss J." Alexander and photo shoot director Jay Manuel and be executive produced by Top Model producers Tyra Banks and Ken Mok.

According to the report, the "Top Model spinoff" would be produced by Kristina Productions, Banks' Bankable Productions and Mok's 10x10 Entertainment production companies and follow Manuel and Alexander as they traveled to various towns and selected five women to receive hair, makeup, and fashion makeovers similar to those Top Model's contestants get each season.

However, according to Manuel, Operation Fabulous isn't a Top Model spinoff.

"It is definitely not a [Top Model] spinoff, I can definitely say that. " Manuel told E! News.  "This is a new series that is a separate world from Model and will really help women try to elevate their lives."

In addition, Operation Fabulous' format wouldn't be as simple as originally reported.

While the series' early episodes would each feature five women from a specific town receiving makeovers, the women would actually be competing to be crowned their town's Operation Fabulous winner, according to Manuel.   From there, the local winners would move on to compete in a larger competition that would end with the winner receiving a "makeover" for their town.

"We can't talk about what the prize is, but I can tell you, it is a major prize," Manuel told E! News.

Manuel and Alexander have been part of Top Model since it premiered on UPN in 2003 -- a situation that Manuel says won't change even if The CW decides to move forward with Operation Fabulous.

"A lot of people are wondering if this means J and I are leaving Model. And no way. That is not true. We would never leave the original show," Manuel told E!.