In a move that some viewers are sure to condemn as "jumping the shark," Survivor has done the previously unthinkable and allowed ousted players a chance to return to the game. Taking full advantage of their new opportunity, the "Outcast" tribe defeated both Drake and Morgan, forcing each of them to vote one contestant out of the game to make room for a returning outcast.

Capping off his pathetic game performance, Osten Taylor decided to "save his body" and ask his fellow Morgan members to vote him out of the game, and this time, apparently tired of his endless whining, they didn't hesitate to acquiesce (don't let the tribal council door hit your ass on the way out Osten!) At Drake, after last week's "a snake is among us," showdown, Christa and Sandra didn't hesitate to once again ally with Rupert -- who also apparently had no reservations of near-instantly breaking his "pact" with Shawn Cohen, and Shawn was booted from Drake.

This week's correct dual bootee predictions leaves SurvivorBlows' prediction record at 6-0-2 (six correct predictions, zero incorrect, and two correct alternate bootee.) In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, since as we previously posted, if two or more people were voted out of the game via a tribal council session, no bootee points would be awarded, no Spoiler Island points have been for part one of the "Episode 7" game poll and the poll has been re-opened for Episode 7 Part 2 selections.

So what happens next? Who do the Outcasts vote back into the game? Cough... Burton cough.... Lillian cough. Is there finally a merge? Does Jon finally get what's coming to him? If there's a merge, do the returning Outcasts swap allegiances and conspire to vote off either Andrew or Rupert? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!