Heidi Klum revealed she contracted lice from her kids during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday.

The 42-year-old "Project Runway" host and single mom of four revealed she had dealt with the pests very recently, telling DeGeneres of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" she has been lice-free for just a handful of days.

"My daughter was itching then she had to go to the nurse and then they looked and sure enough they found a little egg, and I mean they're beyond small, so we had the lice fairies come over to the house," Klum explained.

She admitted it was the second time the supermodel and her family had a lice problem in their house.

In order to get rid of the lice, Klum had invited who she called "lice fairies" to attend to their pest problem. She said the treatment specialists "brush you for hours and get all of these lice out of your hair...They're fairies."

"You do get a certificate from the lice fairies when you go to the school because the school wants to know," she explained.