Not wanting an onslaught of media reports that she's romantically linked to her partner, Dancing with the Stars 4 contestant Heather Mills said she could think of one way to defuse those rumors before they could even begin to surface.

"I said, 'As long as [my partner's] gay, great.'  Because I've had all these rumors of these different lovers and none of the enjoyment.  I haven't had anybody for 10 months.  So I was like you know, 'Send me someone gay,'" said Mills when she appeared as a guest on Wednesday night's broadcast of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

However the estranged wife of Paul McCartney and former model ended up with Jonathan Roberts as her partner, a professional ballroom dancer who specializes in Latin Ballroom dancing.   Roberts is certainly not gay, as he's married to his regular dance partner, Anna Trebunskaya.

"He's married to a gorgeous woman.  So if he was [gay] she turned him because she's gorgeous," Mills told Kimmel.

Still, Mills said she's not entirely sure her partner's sexual orientation would have been enough to quell rumors since it hasn't stopped them from spreading in the past.

"I've got a gay make-up artist and apparently I've been going out with him for six months," Mills told Kimmel.  "It's kind of confusing.  It'll just be 'Heather turns the gays.'"