CBS might not yet be willing to confirm last week's report that The Amazing Race's next edition will be an All-Stars edition, but there's one group of Race-affiliated folks who apparently don't have a problem announcing that the show will allegedly begin production soon -- disgruntled former The Amazing Race winners that weren't approached about participating in the competition.

"I don't want to sugarcoat this or anything, there is definitely going to be an The Amazing Race: All Stars, they will be starting within the next few days and Kim and I never got a phone call from anyone, not from [executive producers] Bertram [Van Munster], Elise [Doganieri], [Jerry] Bruckheimer, not from CBS, not from anyone." former The Amazing Race 5 co-winner Chip McAllister stated in a since-removed video that he and his wife Kim posted on their website early Tuesday morning (the six-minute video, which included The Amazing Race's theme music playing softly in the background, was removed from the site less than twelve hours later.)

"We have run the gamut of emotions," Chip continued. "I hate to be one of these kind of people that thinks he's entitled he be an All-Star -- I may not actually, Kim and I may not be All-Stars material -- but to be completely forgotten by CBS and the CBS decisionmakers, who are definitely doing The Amazing Race: All-Stars -- it really doesn't feel good. We could have been contacted."

"It would have been good if the fans could have had their favorites or just something where there was a vote from fans to put on or petition for their favorite All-Stars... that would have probably been a fairer process, but they are going to be running it within the next week or two," Kim stated in the couple's video.

While they didn't resort to creating their own video interview to whine about not being selected for the All-Stars edition that's allegedly set to begin filming, The Amazing Race 9 winners B.J. Averell and Tyler MacNiven also voiced their displeasure in another unexpected outlet -- a "Former Racers Blog" in which B.J., Tyler, and seven of the long-running reality show's other former contestants are supposed to offer commentary on the show's currently airing The Amazing Race 10 edition.

"What would be ironic is if someone were putting together an all-star version of the race and contacted teams like [now married former The Amazing Race 7 competitors] Lynn [Warren] & Alex [Ali] and [fellow seventh season competitors] Brian & Greg [Smith], but did not contact us, the most popular and amazing team of all time, about it," Tyler wrote in a blog entry posted early yesterday morning.

"Trust me, if they were doing that, they would contact us," B.J. subsequently posted in what was clearly a pre-orchestrated exchange (both blog entries were posted at exactly 4:44AM.) "We were the most well-liked team ever to compete on the Race, as shown by CBS's own website. I'm sure they wouldn't just pick a gimmicky team like [former The Amazing Race 7 and Survivor contestants] Rob [Mariano] & Amber [Brkich] or a 'competitive' team like [The Amazing Race 5 runner-ups] Colin [Guinn] & Christie [Woods], and turn their backs on friendly winning teams like us and Chip & Kim, leaving us to find out about it from some gossip site like We were the most winningest winners ever to win. I imagine they'd do something like they did with Big Brother, and let the fans vote on which teams they'd like to see compete. That would be the smart thing to do; better than casting fighting couples again."

As part of its report that The Amazing Race's next edition will be an All-Stars edition, last week's report also stated that the website had confirmed that two The Amazing Race 5 teams -- (since married) "dating couple" Colin Guinn and Christie Woods and "close cousins" Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan -- would be among the unknown number of teams that will be competing in The Amazing Race's upcoming All-Stars edition.

Whether the fact that B.J. mentioned Rob and Amber alongside the "previously confirmed" team of Colin and Christie in his blog entry was intended to imply that the already three-time CBS reality show veterans -- who will also soon be starring in their own Newylweds-like Fox Reality channel reality series -- will also be competing in The Amazing Race: All-Stars is unclear.

During their since-removed video, Chip and Kim -- who claim to know the identities of "at least half" of the teams who will be racing but "won't break their confidence" by revealing them -- state that in addition to themselves and B.J. and Tyler, they have also confirmed that The Amazing Race 6 contestants Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller and The Amazing Race 1 winners Brennan Swain and Rob Frisbee will also not be among the teams competing in the show's All-Stars edition. "They do have some good teams racing -- the ones I know about -- they're good, are controversial, and it's really good," Chip added later in the video.

"The decisionmaking was based on the most competitive teams... that's what they wanted," Kim stated in the video segment in which she and Chip both freely acknowledge being bitter about not having been contacted. However Chip immediately dismissed Kim's statement. "They tell some people something, other people other things... CBS can call me in a second when it's time to post and do their blogs on their CBS site... but then with The Amazing Race: All-Stars... man, we should have at least gotten consideration."

"I feel like sour grapes, but hey, it's the way I feel and if me being honest is too much for you to handle then," Chip began before Kim interrupted him to state that despite their comments, they still "truly, truly love the show... it's just our favorite show and we would have liked a phone call."