Lynn Warren

Lynn Warren

Lynn Warren

Date Of Birth: Unknown
Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
Pre-Reality Occupation: Executive assistant
Marital Status: Single

Lynn Warren News

  • 'The Amazing Race 7' couple Lynn Warren and Alex Ali marry in Canada

    Former The Amazing Race 7 contestants Lynn Warren and Alex Ali were married in Canada this morning. Ottawa's HOT 89.9FM radio station broadcast the sponsored ceremony live on-air between 7-9 AM today -- making it what is believed to be the first radio station in the world to air the live broadcast of a gay wedding.
  • Boyfriends Alex Ali and Lynn Warren get eliminated from 'The Amazing Race 7'

    CBS's The Amazing Race 7 field narrowed to its Final Four last night, with the boyfriends team of Alex Ali and Lynn Warren getting eliminated in the show's broadcast of the conclusion of its Indian leg. Although they completed the Roadblock ahead of older married couple Meredith and Gretchen Smith, the boys were done in by a crucial navigational error on the way to the Pit Stop, making them the seventh team eliminated from the worldwide race.
  • CBS's 'The Amazing Race 7' Indian leg ends with unfinished business

    The Amazing Race viewers have gotten used to a formula during the past seven seasons of the series. The typical episode ends with teams being greeted at the finish line by host Phil Keoghan and a local. At least until last night's CBS broadcast of The Amazing Race 7's eighth episode.
  • Has CBS's 'The Amazing Race 7' website revealed the show's final three teams?

    Among people who like to figure out what is going to happen on reality competition shows before they are broadcast (a group typically referred to as "spoilers"), the least-trusted type of information is that which comes from a broadcast network website. However, in CBS's The Amazing Race 7, spoilers have been stunned to learn that information from's The Amazing Race 7 website has been useful in predicting of ALL of the first six teams booted -- and may also reveal the identities of the next two teams to be booted as well as those of the final three teams that will compete all the way to the $1,000,000 finish line.
  • Brothers Brian and Greg Smith get eliminated from 'The Amazing Race 7'

    Although they were able to survive a sprint to the finish in the The Amazing Race 7's prior leg, brothers Brian and Greg Smith ran out of luck and finished last during CBS's Tuesday night broadcast of The Amazing Race 7's seventh episode, making the duo the sixth team eliminated from the worldwide race.

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