Although they were able to survive a sprint to the finish in the The Amazing Race 7's prior leg, brothers Brian and Greg Smith ran out of luck and finished last during CBS's Tuesday night broadcast of The Amazing Race 7's seventh episode, making the duo the sixth team eliminated from the worldwide race.

The seventh leg of The Amazing Race 7 kept the teams in the African country of Botswana throughout its tasks, starting with sending the teams on a drive to a water tower in Sankuyo Village. Most of the teams were in high spirits as the leg began, however despite beginning the leg in first place, Kelly McCorkle expressed concern about the state of her relationship with partner Ron Young. Both Meredith and Gretchen Smith and the brothers became sidetracked by tower sightings along the route (with the brothers even wasting valuable time climbing an incorrect tower), however all six teams eventually ended up at the start of the Detour.

Arriving at the Detour, the teams were given the option of milking goats or carrying items on their heads (without using their hands) to a cooking area. Ron and Kelly decided to milk the goats, but Ron changed his mind as they passed the baskets. This soon proved to be a futile assignment, as Kelly declared that she would not be able to complete the task. Even though he himself had not been able to keep his items balanced without breaking the rules and using his hands, Ron still had issue with Kelly's attitude, grumbling that someone with her ballet training should be able to balance items on her head.

Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich and Alex Ali and Lynn Warren also initially opted to attempt the basket task upon arriving at the Detour, however after struggling, they also deciding to join the other teams in milking goats. In the end, only Uchenna and Joyce Agu were able to complete the "Carry It" detour task, with Uchenna crediting connecting with his heritage for his ability to complete the assignment. Meanwhile, the goat task sounded a bit like the script to a cheap porno flick, with comments like "you've really got down the technique baby" and "whoa, big boy" mixed in among the many double entendres and close-up camera shots of Kelly’s cleavage.

Once through the Detour, teams were instructed to drive to the Khwai River. While the other teams continued their drive through Botswana to the Roadblock, Lynn and Alex were sidelined with car trouble and forced to wait for a replacement.

Arriving at the riverside clue box, the teams discovered that the site would also double as the location of the leg's Roadblock, a task that would require one team member to drive through a crocodile-infested river and then move two logs out of the dirt roadway. Breezing through the assignment with ease, Rob was able to snatch the race's lead from Ron in during the task, and the Survivors sprinted to the Pit Stop first to win yet another trip. Meanwhile, the relationship between Ron and Kelly got somewhat heated when Kelly became further infuriated after believing that she heard Ron swear at her while he was completing the Roadblock. Although Ron did not recall using "the F word" with her (nor did the show air any footage in which Ron made any such comment), Kelly insisted that the "trashy redneck" had directed the expletive toward her.

Finishing behind the one-two punch of Amber/Rob and Ron/Kelly, Uchenna and Joyce were the third team to arrive at the Pit Stop. However the couple were shocked to hear Phil tell them that they "did not complete the Roadblock correctly" and would need to "go back and finish it" before he could check them in. Returning to the Roadblock, the couple discovered that they had only pulled the flag off of the route post instead of pulling up the entire post as instructed by the clue. Grabbing the post and driving back to the Pit Stop for a second time, the couple formally checked in -- and discovered that despite their backtracking, they were still able to check in third.

Meredith and Gretchen wandered to the Pit Stop next, however for the second time in three legs, they had failed to find the clue after completing a task -- forcing them to also turn back to the Roadblock and retrieve a clue. Arriving at the Roadblock, Alex and Lynn had decided that Alex would complete the task, only to have his inexperience with driving stick shift vehicles contribute to a flat tire. The team was given another replacement vehicle, making this the second episode in a row where a replacement vehicle that is "only provided for mechanical failure through no fault of the team" was given a wide (and questionable) interpretation.

Sure that their car troubles were leading them to a last place finish, Alex hurriedly threw on as many clothes as possible while Lynn drove to the Pit Stop. Hopeful that the leg would prove to be one of the race's predetermined non-elimination legs, the duo planned to find out whether the competition's liberal rules trend would extend to the penalty assessed to teams that finished last during non-elimination legs -- specifically the rule that stated that the team would only be allowed to keep the clothes on their backs. Even though Phil wanted to give the incredulous duo a fashion citation at the Pit Stop, he also surprised them with the news that they were in fourth place.

After completing the Roadblock, the brothers took a different interpretation of the "only the clothes on your back" rule and decided to strip down to their swim trunks and winter hats. Either they would be eliminated in style (although which "style" was arguable), or they would be daring Phil to force them to complete the Race with those ridiculous uniforms. Unfortunately for the amiable brothers, Meredith and Gretchen got a clue and reached the Pit Stop ahead of them. While Phil wanted to give the boys some sort of fashion award for their daring decision, he was still forced to give them the dreaded news that they had been eliminated from the Race.