In a dramatic game changing move, the tables got turned in the Big Brother 6 house this week, with Kaysar Ridha, the show's third Head of Household, shaking things up and enacting a plan that resulted in Eric Littmann, last week's outspoken Head of Household, being evicted during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality competition.

After watching the house vote out Michael Donnellan (his own secret partner) during last week's eviction, Kaysar won the third HoH competition and decided to nominate James Rhine and Maggie Ausburn in an effort to undo Eric's majority alliance and expose everyone's secret pairings.

Shortly thereafter, James cut a deal with Kaysar to sever his alliance with Eric. Together, Kaysar and James mapped out a strategy in which Kaysar and his allies would attempt to win the Power of Veto competition and put Eric up on the chopping block in James' place. After a "human chess" veto competition in which Kaysar and his allies were able to team together and ensure that Maggie and Ivette Corredero, her selected POV partner, had no chance of winning, James won the POV and Kaysar nominated Eric for eviction alongside Maggie, his secret partner.

Afterward, tempers flared once Maggie and Eric realized they had been set up, with Kaysar breaking his promise that in return for not nominating Kaysar when he was the prior week's HoH, Eric would not be nominated by Kaysar should he win the next week's HoH competition.

Eric was evicted from Big Brother 6 in a 5-4 vote. James, Rachel Plencner, Howie Gordon, Sarah Hrejsa, and Janelle Pierzina (the other five members of Kaysar's new six person alliance) all voted to evict Eric while Ivette, Beau Beasley, April Lewis and Jennifer Vasquez all voted to evict Maggie, the so-called weaker player.

After Eric learned his fate he said his good-byes, left the house, and was interviewed by Big Brother 6 Julie Chen.

Once Eric had left the house, the remaining houseguests competed in a "Power Ball" competition that would determine who would become the next Head of Household. Continuing Big Brother 6's run of dramatic turns, Maggie, the 26-year-old Las Vegas emergency room nurse who had been up on the eviction block only moments before, won the coveted position.