Emily Maynard has confirmed that she and The Bachelor star Brad Womack are kaput.

"There's nothing going on between us anymore," the 25-year-old Charlotte, NC resident told Life & Style in a report published Wednesday.  "It's over."

However, while prior reports had claimed that Maynard -- whom Womack had selected and proposed to over Chantal O'Brien in the March finale broadcast of The Bachelor's fifteenth season -- had been the one to end the couple's rocky relationship, Maynard told Life & Style the 38-year-old Austin, TX bar owner was the one who actually dumped her.

"He ended the relationship," she said.

According to Maynard, Womack ended the relationship in a phone call.

"He called me and broke up with me. That's it," she told Life & Style.

"The last time we were together was when we said goodbye at the airport in Austin. That was the last time I saw him."

Maynard had reportedly flown to Austin in early May in a final attempt to reconcile her relationship with Womack, but reports that the trip had been unsuccessful and the pair had split surfaced shortly after her return.

According to an Us Weekly report published shortly after the trip, Maynard had initiated the break-up because she felt the long-distance relationship was becoming too much of a struggle and she wasn't ready to uproot her five-year-old daughter Ricki to relocate to Austin to be with The Bachelor star.  

However, additional reports that the couple's relationship had been on the rocks had already circulated for weeks -- dating back to ABC's March broadcast of The Bachelor's After The Final Rose special in which the couple admitted they had already broken up multiple times during the network's broadcast of the season, which had been filmed last fall.

Maynard's mother had also denied reports of a permanent split in late April.

"They have not officially broken up. It's still kind of on and off," Susan Maynard told People.