Having intentionally lost the previous Immunity Challenge, Drake is discovering its not that easy to climb back on the horse, as the previously unbeaten Drake tribe suddenly dropped its second and third consecutive challenges to a resurgent Morgan tribe. Somewhere out at the Loser Lodge, we're sure that Burton Roberts is enjoying Drake's sudden difficulties. After being the sole member of her tribe to vote with Burton last week, it wasn't that big a surprise to see her head up next on the chomping block, however we have to give Michelle Tesauro kudos for attempting the "but I don't eat a lot" defense.

Unfortunately for the spoiler folks, the majority of us got wrapped up envisioning a grander scenario where the clear outsider wasn't the castaway booted -- however we did still select Michelle with our alternate bootee selection, so SurvivorBlows' prediction record moves to 4-0-1 (four correct predictions, zero incorrect, and one correct alternate bootee.)

In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, clearly many of the top players also got wrapped up in the "Christa's going" fever, as our previous thirty-one way perfect score tie atop the leaderboard has been narrowed to just a single player -- congratulations to richthedevil!

So what happens next week? Will Drake rediscover its winning ways? Will Morgan be able to continue its success now that Rupert whipped their campsite into shape? Will Drake's new injured pet snake survive? Will Jon ever stop acting like an ass? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!