Deemed as unable to overcome her insecurity about her larger body size, Diane, a 24-year-old criminal defense investigator from Orlando, FL, became the fifth girl eliminated from the fifth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 5's fifth episode began with the girls returning from last week's elimination ceremony in which Tyra Banks sent Sarah home. Upon entering the Top Model house the girls discovered a digital camera, giving the wannabe models a new way to pass the night away.

The next morning, the girls traveled to Smashbox Photo Studio, where Jay Manuel and Twiggy explained they would learn how to accentuate their positive features and hide their imperfections. Twiggy shared the challenges she faced while breaking into the modeling industry and answered the girls' questions about their own challenges. After being asked to anonymously note each other's flaws, the girls were given tips on how to hide them. When Diane's turn came, Jay revealed that many of the girls felt that while she had an energetic personality, she didn't reflect it while in front of the camera.

To test the skills they had learned about their personal flaws, J. Alexander challenged the girls to a role-reversal challenge where they directed photographer Jay Goldbloom to shoot them in a way that would flaunt their imperfection, and then in contrast, suggested camera angles that would help to hide it. "Diane needs to be more sexy and more out there," J. said after the shoot, noting that Diane had difficulty accentuating her voluptuous figure. After photographing all the girls, Jay Goldbloom deemed Kyle to be the challenge's winner, allowing her to pick Kim and Coryn to accompany her on a visit to a day spa.

Later, Jay Manuel met with the girls for a photo shoot with former Top Model judge and surprise guest photographer Janice Dickinson. The girls were made over to portray extreme versions of plastic surgery obsession -- a concept with which aging supermodel Janice is personally quite familiar. While many of the girls seemed to embrace their extreme look, Diane became distracted by the extremely tight binding used to simulate an intense breast reduction. "When I first met Diane, I got a huge sense of insecurity," Janice noted after the shoot.

During the week's elimination ceremony, the girls were challenged to answer questions about their personal flaws in a faux go-see opportunity with the judging panel. Diane continued to seem hesitant while addressing the panel, and Tyra felt that she wasn't being herself. And although the judges noted some improvement in Diane's performance, they felt that her continued insecurity was overshadowing her potential to become America's Next Top Model's next winner.