Coupled featured Alicia Blanco finding a love match and Alexandra "Alex" Clark getting her heart broken during Tuesday night's broadcast on Fox.

The Coupled episode began with a new man arriving to the island: Tyler Gattuso, a 24-year-old model and real estate agent from Miami, FL, who was then greeted by the beautiful women of the Bungalows.

Tyler met and became acquainted with Alex, a 23-year-old radio DJ from Louisville, KY; Alicia, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Toluca Lake, CA; Alyssa Reeves, a 32-year-old model from Sherman Oaks, CA; Domonique Price, a 29-year-old attorney from Seattle WA; Brittany Lo, a 24-year-old beauty company CEO from Manhattan, NY; and Talyah Polee, a 27-year-old substance abuse counselor from Lakewood, CO.

All of the girls who introduced themselves to Tyler picked "yes," that they would like to continue dating him and therefore waiting for him to make a decision at the Tiki Bar. Tyler told the cameras he had chemistry with all of the women so it was a difficult decision.

However, Tyler called Alicia a "solid 9.5" on the hotness scale, noting how that's a really big deal since he never gives out 10s. He also loved how bubbly and energetic Alex was. It was also a plus that Alex made him laugh right away.

Alex decided to date Alex and Alicia out of the group. Alex was thrilled because she had been immediately smitten with Tyler and viewed him as the whole package of what she's looking for in a future husband. Alicia was surprised to be pick but was also happy about it because Tyler seemed like a catch. 

During their two-on-one date, Alex gushed about how much she liked Tyler and how she could probably marry him someday, so Alicia felt pressure to back off and give the pair some space to get to know each other.

While Alex and Tyler madeout in a hottub and then took a steamy shower together, Alicia received a peptalk from the already-established couples about how she needed to put herself first in this process and not cater to the women she had become friends with. Alicia was reminded this journey is about finding love.

Once Alicia returned to the Trio Villa, Alex was beaming from ear to ear about the makeout session she had with Tyler. Alex's admission seemed to bother Alicia, who then called Alex out on embarrassing things. Alicia pointed out how Alex was smitten with Tyler in no time at all after recently being devastated when another guy dumped her this season. Alicia brought up the fact she had brought Alex food in bed that day.

Alex didn't appreciate Alicia making her look like a "Stage 5 Clinger," and Tyler even told the cameras that Alicia was acting immature and catty. Tyler stood up for Alex and wanted Alicia to stop picking on her.

Right when viewers thought Tyler was sold on Alex, he embarked on a date with Alicia the following day. The couple talked over sushi and got to know each other better. Alicia was blown away by Tyler as a person and began hoping that he'd want to pick her in the end.

Meanwhile, the established couples went on a tantric intimacy retreat. Terecia "TT" Baker, a 26-year-old theme park princess from Alhambra, CA, and Brandon Smith, a 29-year-old former pro basketball player from Los Angeles, CA, had an off day but realized how much they cared for each other. Both TT and Brandon could envision a future together.

After Tyler's date with Alicia, it became time for him to determine which girl he wanted to continue dating. Tyler saw long-term potential with both women but ended up choosing Alicia.
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Tyler broke the news to Alex in a private conversation and she appeared crushed. Tyler didn't make it any easier for the girl by rubbing in the fact they were extremely compatible. Alex thought it all came down to Alicia's looks and how the deejay couldn't compete with "Jessica Rabbit."

Tyler thought a relationship with Alicia could really work. He found her to be "drop dead gorgeous" in addition to having a great personality and a connection on several different levels.

Once Alex returned to the Bungalows, she cried to the girls about how Tyler should've picked her. Alex said that if Alicia's little outburst the night prior had anything to do with Tyler's decision, she'd never forgive her.

The episode concluded with one relationship starting to fall apart: Kristin Kirgan, a 33-year-old photographer from Los Angeles, CA, and Jeffrey Blockson, a 30-year-old real estate investor from Chicago, IL.