CBS revealed yesterday the identities of the wealthy patriarch and ten potential heirs who will be appearing on The Will, its new reality series that premieres Saturday, January 8 at 8PM ET/PT with a 90-minute episode.

Announced earlier this month, The Will is produced by The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss and features a concept similar to The Family reality series that drew poor ratings when broadcast by ABC in 2003.

Like The Family, The Will features members of an extended family competing for a large prize. However unlike The Family, instead of competing for a large cash prize supplied by the show's producers, The Will will feature the family (as well as some friends) of a "wealthy patriarch" competing for what CBS describes as a "large portion" of his estate -- specifically a large Kansas ranch.

Considered by 73-year-old Scottsdale, Arizona land developer Bill Long to be his "most prized possession," the range will be awarded to the friend or family member that manages to stave off elimination and emerge as The Will's "most deserving heir."

The ten would-be heirs competing on The Will are:

• "The Wife," 45-year-old Penny Long from Scottdale, Arizona. Penny is Bill's fourth wife and a former model who owns two successful clothing boutiques. Penny is incredibly ambitious and competitive.

• "The Son," 18-year-old Billy Long Jr from Scottdale, Arizona. Billy is Bill Sr.'s only biological son. Billy feels he's entitled more than anyone else to the ranch because he spent several summers working on it. However, some family members think Billy is spoiled and doesn't deserve anything.

• "The Mother-In-Law," 73-year-old Bette Miller from Phoenix, Arizona. Penny's mother, Bette, is a former showgirl turned mortgage loan officer. Her relationship with Penny can be stormy at times.

• "The Stepson," 24-year-old Ashley Mutrix from Phoenix, Arizona. Penny's son, Ashley, is a former child actor who played Blake Carrington's grandson on "Dynasty." This wild child is more concerned with his hair than he is with herding cattle.

• "The Brother-In-Law," 34-year-old Scott Miller from Phoenix, Arizona. Penny's brother, Scott, is a former bouncer who spends his days managing Bill's condos. This gentle giant is tired of being the nice guy.

• "The Surrogate Son," 20-year-old Josh Magee from Phoenix, Arizona. Bill Sr. rescued Josh, Billy Jr.'s best friend, from a troubled family, but a falling out several years ago has left Josh on the outs with the family. This is his chance to get back in their good graces.

• "The Lifelong Friend," 60-year-old Mickey Nelson from Marietta, Oklahoma. Bill's oldest friend and rodeo coach is a 60-year-old former calf-roping and wrestling champion and is a true-blue cowboy.

• "The Stepson's Ex-Girlfriend," 23-year-old Kristin Holinsworth from Phoenix, Arizona. This Hawaiian Tropic model works at Penny's clothing store and is also stepson Ashley's ex-girlfriend.

• "The Trusted Employee," 23-year-old Danielle Pino from Phoenix, Arizona. Danielle is Bill and Penny's favorite employee. This Latin diva is Penny's protégé and an aspiring fashion designer.

• "The Close Family Friend," 20-year-old Crystal Salas from Phoenix, Arizona. Crystal is like a surrogate daughter to Bill. An aspiring model/actress, Crystal is not afraid to use her good looks to win over the competition.