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CBS cancels 'The Will' after only one episode broadcast

Setting a new record for weekend reality TV futility, CBS announced today that it has axed its new The Will reality series after just a single episode broadcast. A Cold Case repeat will air in its place this week, with details on the time period's new regularly scheduled programming to be announced at a later date.   Full Story
  • The Will - Episode 1 summary

    "I’d Bet the Ranch…," our episode summary for the premiere episode of CBS's The Will, written by ARnutz, is now available.
  • CBS reveals identities of 'The Will's patriarch and would-be heirs

    CBS revealed yesterday the identities of the wealthy patriarch and ten potential heirs who will be appearing on The Will, its new reality series that premieres Saturday, January 8 at 8PM ET/PT with a 90-minute episode.
  • CBS to premiere 'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss' 'The Will' series on January 8

    CBS has announced that The Will, a new reality series from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, will premiere on Saturday, January 8 at 8PM ET/PT.
  • CBS to debut two new reality shows in January

    CBS has two new reality shows set for debut in January, with competitors in "The Will" striving for an inheritance and those in "Wickedly Perfect" vying to be the next Martha Stewart.
  • ABC's 'The Will' gets resurrected at CBS, casting begins

    After watching last year's initial broadcast of The Family bomb in the ratings, get pulled from the airwaves, and be burned off as late summer filler programming, it's certainly no surprise that ABC decided to not follow through with its previously announced plans to air The Will, another incredibly similar sounding "an extended family competes for a huge prize" reality show. The only surprise is that for some reason, CBS, which has positioned itself as the "gold standard" of reality programming (The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor), has opted to pick up the Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor) series after ABC (over a year later) decided to pass on it.
  • 'The Bachelor' creator and ABC announce new 'The Will' inheritance reality show reports that ABC has ordered a new unscripted show called "The Will" from producer Mike Fleiss, the man behind the network's hit "The Bachelor." On the new show, a wealthy (still living) benefactor will offer up his or her estate to family members. But instead of tedious probate-court hearings, the potential heirs will compete for the goods and have the chance to vote others out. Family members and friends who take part in the series will also be put through a series of weekly competitions, in which the players will vie for a shot at some smaller portion of the benefactor's estate -- the BMW or the vacation house.


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