Having a famous sibling can be hard, even if the 'fame' comes from a reality TV show. According to the Rocky Mountain News, that's the message from Chris Sutter, the lookalike younger brother of Ryan Sutter, who won Trista Rehn's hand in marriage on ABC's The Bachelorette. Chris, a waiter at a restaurant in Beaver Creek, Colorado, joked that he wanted to change his name to "That Guy Who Won The Bachelorette's Brother."

However, Chris doesn't seem to mind some of the perks that come from having a famous sibling. US Magazine ran a contest to select a woman to win a date with Chris, and Chris was able to narrow the list down to the final 10 before readers picked a winner. Not many waiters have the problem of too many women standing in line for a date. Looks like Chris is making hay with his 15 seconds of fame.

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